How to change a light bulb on a Honda

Remember that mainly on Honda cars are installed block headlights in which the dipped, main beam and direction indicators are combined. Ensure that their flasks are cool before replacing the bulbs. To do this, wait about half an hour after turning off the lights, then proceed to work.
Open the hood and disconnect the wire from the negative battery terminal. After that, squeeze the casing of the protective cover and disengage it with the retainer. If necessary, remove the engine cooling system tank if it interferes with the procedure. Then turn the cartridge with the lamp you need counterclockwise and remove it.
Pull the lamp towards you and remove it from the cartridge. If the wiring is suitable for the cartridge, then disconnect the connector. Remember that when installing a new lamp it is forbidden to touch its flask with bare hands. This can lead to the fact that the remaining fat spots will prepare a premature failure of the lighting device.To prevent this, carry out work in gloves, and if spots on the lamp appear, immediately remove them with a clean cloth and alcohol solution.
After that, install the cartridge into the headlight block and turn it clockwise until it stops. Make sure that it is firmly fixed in the seat. Then connect the electrical connector, fasten the wire to the battery terminal and check the performance of the new lighting device.
To replace the interior lamps of the car, remove the cover, for this purpose carefully pick it up with a screwdriver, which you must first wrap with adhesive tape or tape to prevent damage to the plastic case. After that, remove the lamp from the spring terminals of the cartridge and install the new lamp.

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