How to change texture resolution in minecraft

Editing and patching textures

From the resolution of textures in the game will depend on the clarity of drawing of certain objects, the detail of their image. In short, the higher this figure, the more realistic the world of Minecraft will be. However, in order to do this, you need to edit the texture.
In older versions of the game - up to about 1.4.7 - the resolution of the textures could be set quite easily manually. To do this, it was enough to unpack any standard set of them and modify it using a graphical editor, including changing their resolution from the default 16x16 to virtually any, up to 512x512.
True, in order for the enlarged textures to look better, a certain manual drawing was required, but this did not usually stop gamers. About half an hour of work in Paint, Photoshop or another similar program - and after installing the updated textures of the pack, the changes in the game world are obvious.
In versions of Minecraft from 1.5.x and higher, one of the most important files was abolished, which set the appearance of most of the “natural” blocks in the game.Now it has become much more difficult to edit textures, and changing their resolution in the above way is actually not feasible at all.
However, it is now possible to set various texture parameters thanks to some special mods. In this regard, it is worth trying at least MCPatcher - it will patch the existing textures, adapting them to the installed version of Minecraft, so that even high-resolution images will normally “lay down” on game objects.

Texture Adjustment Order

If the gamer decided to choose the second of the above mods, you need to download an installer for it, suitable for the existing version of the game, from any reliable resource. You should also get a texture pack and, if desired, correct its contents through any graphic editor you like.
Now you need to install MCPatcher and run it. It will take some time for him to analyze the game files. After that, a window will appear to set specific graphics options for Minecraft. By setting them at will, the player will change some of the characteristics of the textures, including their resolution.
Among the things that can be corrected in this way,- the appearance of luminaries, grass, randomization of mobs (installation of several variants of their appearance), the definition of colors, the transfer of textures and fonts in HD format, etc. Having marked the necessary items, the gamer should press + and select on his computer that texture pack, which such changes will affect. This selection is required to be confirmed with the OK button.
After the above actions will click on the label Patch and wait until the process of patching textures. After its completion, it remains only to launch the game and simply enjoy the changes that have occurred in its world.

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