How to change the parking brake cable on the VAZ

You will need
  • - two new parking brake cables;
  • - wheel chocks;
  • - lift or "pit";
  • - jack;
  • - support racks;
  • - a regular wheel key or crank with a head on "17", or a cross key on "17";
  • - two keys on "13";
  • - spanner or head on "10";
  • - slotted screwdriver;
  • - spanner or hex high head on "7".
The principle of operation of the parking brake system used in VAZ vehicles, in general, has not changed since the release of the first VAZ-2101 (penny). The parking brake lever is connected to two cables, going, respectively, to the brake mechanisms of the left rear and right rear wheels. When you lift the parking brake lever up, you tighten the parking brake cables. The cables, in turn, move the drive lever, located in the brakes of the rear wheels. As a result, the brake pads are set in motion due to the movement of the drive lever and are adjacent to the drums of the rear wheels, locking them in one position.
With the replacement of the parking brake cables you will learn the example of the car VAZ-2170 (Priora). Be sure to simultaneously replace the two parking brake cables.
Put the wheel chocks under the wheels. Loosen the mounting of the bolts of the left rear and right rear wheels using a standard wheel wrench or knob with the head on the "17" (you can use the cross key on the "17"). Include first gear. Move the parking brake lever to the lowest position. Remove wheel chocks. Raise the car on a lift. If you lift the car with a jack, lock it on two support posts. Remove the rear wheel bolts completely and remove the wheels.
Start by replacing the left cable. Holding the adjusting nut of the parking brake lever with a key for “13”, unscrew the locknut with a wrench of the same size. Then unscrew the adjusting nut with the key on "13".
Remove the cable equalizer from the parking brake lever and remove the front tips of the parking brake cables from the equalizer. Pull the tip of the left cable shell out of the bracket.
Now, with a head or a key on "10", unscrew the nut that secures the bracket to the rear suspension beam and withdraw the parking brake cable sheath from it.Pull the cable out of the holder on the rear axle support bracket.
Look carefully at the bottom of the car. You will see a bracket that holds the parking brake cable. Take a slotted screwdriver, bend the bracket and pull the cable out of the holder. You will find another bracket on the bottom of the car in front of the fuel tank. Pull the cable out of it.
With a cap wrench on "7" or a six-sided high head on "7", unscrew the two wheel guide pins and remove the brake drum of the left rear wheel. Look carefully at the brake mechanism. You will see how the parking brake cable is hooked on the parking brake lever. Disconnect the rear cable end of the parking brake lever. Bring the parking brake cable lug out of the hole of the brake shield and remove the left cable.
Perform similar operations, remove the right handbrake cable. Install new cables in reverse order.
Having completed the installation of new cables, adjust the parking brake. To do this, take the two keys on the "13" and, while holding the adjusting nut with the key, loosen the locknut slightly. Now rotate the adjusting nut clockwise and tighten the parking brake cables. After adjustment, lock the adjusting nut with a locknut.Check whether the rear wheels rotate freely when the parking brake lever is lowered to its lowest position.

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