How to change yourself with the help of sports

Everyone can change themselves with the help of sports. The sooner you start, the faster you get the first results. Do not wait for tomorrow. Start small - go for a morning jog, look at the nearest fitness club and sign up for a trial lesson. Decide what kind of sport you would like to do. When choosing, consider the state of your health and objectively evaluate the initial level of training. Talk to a trainer, get an expert opinion, and feel free to start your first workouts.
Stop justifying your own laziness. Needless to say, playing sports is very expensive, I don’t have time, I can’t or I’m too old for that. Be inspired by the example of the Australian farmer Cliff Young, who at 61 won a 5-day marathon at 875 km, although he never had anything to do with professional sports. He just often ran to the pasture for the sheep, this was all his training. He did not know that sponsors are needed to participate in the marathon, and most importantly, during his time you can sleep.Cliff Young just pulled a soft point off the couch, came and won, leaving behind professional athletes. He did not think, he simply acted. So stop making excuses for yourself and just start doing something.
Daily sports activities will help you mold the body of your dreams. Guaranteed to go overweight, there will be a slight muscle relief, change posture. The choice is huge - dancing, running, yoga, gymnastics, swimming, bodybuilding, athletics, boxing, fencing. Whatever you choose, your body will noticeably change. Movement will gain lightness and accuracy, you will become much sturdier and slimmer.
Regular exercise is great to help get rid of bad habits. Most professional athletes do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. When you learn to enjoy your personal records and victories, you will no longer need artificial mood stimulants. Many chronic diseases will disappear, you will begin to feel more cheerful, your working capacity will increase and the impossible will become real for the first time.
It is unlikely that there is something that hardens the spirit and forms the character faster than sports.Roy Jones once said, “Boxing best reflects what happens in life: when you get a knockdown, you have to stand up. Everyone in their life somehow gets knocked down, but you have to get up and move on, fight to the end. ” Athletes are able to endure the pain and work on themselves for 16 hours a day. They never give up, do not feel sorry for themselves and their rival, sweep away barriers and set new records. Sport helps to conquer fears, get rid of perennial complexes, foster a spirit of rivalry. Choose a decent role model among athletes and forward to the challenges! Do not be afraid to look ridiculous, to be weaker than someone and lose. Met Hughes once remarked: “If you have no defeats, it means that you are fighting with the wrong people.” The day will come when you will be stronger and break someone's record. Even if in the framework of its fitness club. The main thing is that you will surpass yourself, become better and stronger than yourself yesterday. You will feel the taste of victory over yourself, and it will change you forever.

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