How to check the developer

Collect all possible information about the company-developer. Visit the official website of the company, take a trip to the construction site. Communicate with the workers and builders, find out about the wages received and the pace of construction. Find out when the company was created, who its founders are, how many projects it has already completed, in which regions it conducts business, what services it still provides, and so on. Analyze the information received, determine how firmly the company-developer stands and whether it has debts.
Ask the manager of the developer for incorporation documents for review. Among these documents should be: a certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the company's charter, TIN certificate, OGRN certificate. Require from the representative of the company, which deals with negotiations, documents confirming his right to act on behalf of the head of the company.
Require a license to permit the construction of this object.

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