How to choose a bread machine according to the parameters correctly?

How to choose a bread machine right

How to choose a bread machine correctly according to parameters - useful tips on choosing electrical equipment for the kitchen.

In today's world of fuss, people absolutely do not have enough time for personal affairs. And there is nothing surprising in that there is no time to pamper yourself and loved ones with some sort of baking. A breadmaker came to the rescue of modern man.


This is simply an indispensable thing for any hostess. She is able to bake, as a simple bread, and with a variety of the most exquisite additives. The most important thing is that you yourself choose all the necessary components for your bread, and the task of your assistant is to bake bread for you.


The modern bread maker has from 3 to 17 programs of different baking, which are distinguished by the duration of baking and temperature. All the main points we will discuss in this article, so you knowhow to choose a bread maker by parameters correctly.


The main basic functions of the bread machine:



- Select the degree of frying crust (dark, medium or light);

- The dough is kneaded in a different consistency, depending on its further use (pizza, dumplings, pancakes);

- bakes french baguettes.


Along with this, most bread makers havefunction of fast baking- this helps to bake more dense bread. The mode is ideal for purchased yeast dough, as well as for making rye bread.


Possible additional functions of the bread machine:



  • - making jam / cupcakes;
  • - a program of baking Borodino bread;
  • - baking bread using various additives;
  • - an individual program for baking rye bread;
  • - baking various Easter cakes;
  • - baking a variety of dietary bread;
  • - baking bread products made from buckwheat, barley, corn and rice flour;
  • - a program of baking bread from wholemeal flour;
  • - the program of baking rich products with raisins, honey, chocolate.


What functions of the bread machine are right for you, it is only at your discretion. After all, the main direction of the bread machine is its excellent baking of bread, which even the most primitive models can do.And yet the additional functions of this technique will not be superfluous if you suddenly want something special.


How to choose a bread machine by parameters

How to choose a bread machine according to the parameters correctly?


For people who suffer from allergies or diabetics, the ideal function is to bake a product made from rice, buckwheat or pearl barley flour. Many people know that bread with bran contains a large amount of vitamins and fiber.


Sweet tooths will especially appreciate the program of baking rich products. A feature of the proposed program is to bake at low temperature, which protects additives from combustion.


During the preparation of jam in the bread maker, fruits are the most gentle processing, thereby retaining more useful vitamins. The bread machine is not able to make large volumes of jam, but you can easily make a couple of cans.


Security features.



Like many other household appliances, the bread maker is equipped with protective functions: protection against possible overheating, against children and against possible voltage drops.


Virtually every model has protection against voltage surges. This function allows you to memorize the program from the moment the power is turned off, and later after the elimination of the malfunction, it starts its work from the interrupted baking stage.The length of time depends directly on the model of the bread maker; the more expensive the model, the more memory is available, so before choosing and buying a bread maker, pay attention to this, choosing the right bread maker will relieve you of an extra headache.


The remaining protection functions, as a rule, are not included in the budget version of the bread machine. Child protection function allows you to lock the cover and buttons on the control panel. You can be calm for your child by setting this function. The overheat protection function automatically turns off the appliances with a special thermal switch.


How to choose a bread maker by technical parameters.



Despite the many characteristics listed above, its technical parameters play an important role in the bread maker.


The body, weight, power and dimensions of the bread machine.


The equipment weighs from 4 to 7.5 kg, its power should be from 450 to 860 watts. Buying bread, you should pay attention to its size. The ideal option for it will be a specially allocated place in your kitchen, because the constant transfer of technology can cause a number of inconveniences. As a rule, a more compact model is somewhat more expensive.


Which company choose a bread machine better?

Which company choose a bread machine better? Positive comments about the models of Panasonic and Moulinex, as well as LG and Kenwood.


The housing can be made of either plastic or stainless steel. In terms of its functionality and service life, the steel is noticeably ahead of plastic.


The weight of the finished product.


Among the variety, you can choose the most suitable model for a bread maker. A breadmaker can bake bread from 450 to 1500 grams. Among the many budget options you can find a model that is able to bake 1 kg, but it is worth considering that this is reflected in the dimensions of the technique. In the modern technology market, you can find a bread machine, which has several options for the weight of products. Baking time depends on the weight of the product and the set temperature.


Baking form.


If to consider the baking form, then, as a rule, the standard rectangular shape meets more often. The coating of the form directly depends on the model of the bread machine; it can be Teflon, stainless steel, or aluminum.


It is better to choose a bread machine made of stainless steel, because aluminum tends to oxidize, and the Teflon coating wears out and peels off.


Upon completion of the baking process, the bucket should be cleaned with a rubber or wooden spatula. It is necessary to prevent the surface from possible scratches. For protection purposes, it is possible to lubricate non-stick coating with oil for the duration of work. Use salt only with fine grinding, if you cook with raisins, it must be unzipped before laying.


And yet it is impossible to prevent everything, if you suddenly scratched the bucket, you can return it either under warranty or for an additional fee. You can find models of bread makers, the package of which includes an additional round bucket and stand for baking baguettes.


Timer and dispenser.


Almost all existing models of bread machines are equipped with a timer from 12 to 15 hours. The proposed function allows you to delay the launch of the program so that fresh baked goods can be prepared at any time convenient for you.


If you give your preference mainly to using a timer, then you should pay attention to models that havedispenser - a special device in the lid. All the necessary additional ingredients are put into it, and the bread maker further adds them independently at the last stage of kneading the dough.


Baker, which one to choose - which has a similar dispenser, costs much more. The breadmaker gives a loud signal when it is necessary to add additives to the dough. On this basis, all the necessary supplements can be filled in the daytime baking, but if you want fresh bread for breakfast, it is better to do without additives.


Many hostesses will appreciate the removable cover device. This allows cleaning immediately after use.

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