How to choose a cream

Cream is better to buy in a tube. This is due to the fact that when applying the cream in a jar, you can bring the bacteria into the tool. Because of what it can quickly lose its beneficial properties. And with the cream in the tube, you generally will not be in contact, so the bacteria in it will not fall.
The consistency of the tool should have a homogeneous mass. As a rule, creams have a white color. Therefore a white homogeneous mass should flow out of the tube. In the case when some water flows out of it first, and then a cream of yellow color - it is better not to use it any more, as it is spoiled.
Before using the tool, it is necessary to make a sensitivity test. For this you need to put a little cream on your hand (wrist). If after half an hour there is no reaction (reddening or burning), then the cream suits you. When choosing it is worth paying attention to its smell - you should like it.
If you can choose the right face cream, you will delay the time of wrinkles.This is an important point for owners of sensitive and dry skin. In addition, now on the market appeared creams that are designed specifically for young skin. They are not aimed at combating wrinkles, creams prevent their rapid appearance.
To keep your skin around the clock protected, you need to apply day and night cream. Daily remedy protects the skin from sunlight and pollution. They are well suited for makeup base.
Everyone knows that at night the skin cells are renewed. Before applying the cream should be cleansed with cosmetic milk or tonic.
For the summer period, moisturizer will be indispensable, but for the winter period it is better to buy a nourishing cream. Moisturizer is effective not only in the case of dry skin, but also oily.

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