How to choose a good name for your baby?

When a young loving couple finds out that in 9 months they will become the long-awaited and happy parents of a little crumbs, then, soon, the choice of a name for the baby will be the most popular topic.

Many believe that the name that is given to a child at birth may further affect, if not completely determine his fate, which is why it is so important not to make a wrong choice.

Numerology and astrology - two quite specific sciences - have long proved that the name contains a deep meaning and information, which, later, is reflected in his character traits, the decisions he makes, and sometimes even his appearance.

If you think about it, quite often you can find two people with the same name, who have a fairly large number of similarities. To believe or not to believe in such reasoning is a personal matter of everyone, but the choice of a name still remains a burning topic for any young parents.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons.

If we reject all prejudices and scientific research,and just think about one single fact: the name is the word that your child will most often hear throughout life.

A set of vowels and consonants, which, with a third-party sound, leads to the activity of certain parts of the brain, thereby affecting its immediate carrier.

In addition, I really want your child to somehow stand out among the general mass, and the name is a great solution to that. Although, of course, sometimes people go to very bold extremes, calling their children real “combinations” consisting of a set of numbers or devoting them to some company or brand, for example, “Google” or “Apple”.

It is sad that young parents do not think about how the baby will feel literally in some 5-10 years, when it will be fully surrounded by children and other strangers, because not everyone understands such creative “innovations”.

So, how to choose the name of the child correctly, so that parents would like it and make the child feel confident and comfortable with him in adult life? If you go back a few centuries ago, you can find that almost until 988, the kids were not named by name, but rather by a nickname that fully characterized his character traits and basic qualities.

Maybe you choose the fate of his miracle

And with the growth and change of personality, the nickname could change and transform, which led to the emergence of countless "talking" names. But, as soon as Christianity was introduced in Ancient Rus, and the baptism ceremony was held, the children began to be named according to the list of saints, the Saints, whom the Orthodox Church praises and honors.

Along with this list, in the life of ordinary people many new names arose, mostly Latin and Greek, to which it was difficult to get used, they cut their ears and were difficult to pronounce.

That is why many have been nicknamed in a double way - ecclesiastical and mundane, which were most often used in everyday life. But, over time, the church names "settled down" and "got used to", slightly modified in the Russian way and remained in our lexicon forever.

Recently, the tradition of censuring the child with a church name has largely come to naught, and it's not surprising, because not everyone will dare to name their child, for example, Theodora or Arkhipp. But the principle of choosing a church name is as follows: parents had to choose from the general list that which corresponds to the baby’s birthday, which they liked best, and that they should name their baby.

What's in a name?

Modern parents, most often, choose the name of the unborn child, following two basic principles: to like by pronunciation and combination with the patronymic or, alternatively, suit its meaning and mystery.

And if earlier the origin and meaning had to be judged only from a general idea, now there is a huge amount of reference books on etymology, which fully reveal the meaning of a particular name, describe how a particular option can affect a person’s fate.

Therefore, if you can’t make a choice, the consultation with such a directory will be able to resolve most of the questions you are interested in.

By the way, sometimes parents are repelled by another principle, comparing the time of year in which the baby was born and how they want to be called. The latter should balance the personality, add those qualities that he lacked by nature.

For example, strong-willed, rather harsh, sometimes even tough and imperious personalities are born in winter, so these children are advised to give softening and melodic names that will somewhat erase the tumult of a "winter" character.

But in the summer, often, spineless, craven, sometimes emotional and impressionable personalities are born, who should be called “hard” names to strengthen their influential spirit.

But autumn kids are universal, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, they can be called by any names. Spring babies are advised to give firm and stable names, as they are often mentally unstable.

Love your baby

By the way, if you are going to baptize your baby, then here he will also receive a church name, which, according to beliefs, will be a real amulet for him, because it is the name of his guardian angel.

It will be easier to choose a church name for baptism, because its baby will not be used in everyday life, it is a kind of “protection” that modern parents, rather, consider a tribute to traditions.

But in the old days the church name was a real talisman, according to it one could say a lot, be cured or, on the contrary, reduced to its grave, its owner. That is why, often, real church names were hidden, and in everyday life they used peculiar "deceptions".

What other criteria can be called a baby?

  • And although most young parents will deny, but many, even without noticing it, are influenced by fashion, naming their offspring the most common options. For this reason, in one sandbox you can meet three Sash, and in one class two Cach. There is nothing wrong with that, for example, in Ukraine the most popular names for several years now are Alexander, Daniel, Anastasia and Alina.
  • Another category of young parents in pursuit of originality, give their preference to exotic and unusual options that are not native to their culture. Before choosing something like this for your baby, think about it, and whether such an unusual sound of your own name will interfere in the future, in adult life. Giving a beloved child the name of a favorite film actor or a famous person, think, will they understand him correctly in 20, 30 years?
  • And the last category, which gladly pays tribute to traditions and superstitions, starting from them, when choosing a child's name. For example, in the old days it was impossible to call your children the names of relatives who have already died, and especially if at a young age.It is also not recommended that the name and middle name match, for example, “Ivan Ivanovich”.
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