How to choose and wear denim overalls?

In the wardrobe of any self-respecting girl should be a variety of items of clothing. And if you follow fashion trends and lead an active lifestyle, then by all means get such a stylish thing as a denim overalls. But first, pick the right one and find out how to wear it.

Take or take - that is the question?

If you doubt that you need a jumpsuit, then look at fashion shows and photos in magazines. You will surely find such a thing there, and its various variations. This is a real must have of any girl who is suitable for all occasions.

Interestingly: before the overalls were used exclusively as working clothes, then they entered the masses, but later they were almost forgotten. And now came the next peak of fashion for such things, and now you can meet them both on ordinary girls and celebrities, and even on models participating in fashion shows.

What are the?

There are a great many different models of denim overalls. So, depending on the bottom of such a thing, there are the following types:

  • Jumpsuit with shorts.This is a great youth summer version, which is perhaps the most popular.
  • Skirt-based jumpsuit is an interesting model that combines comfort and femininity.
  • Long jumpsuit with jeans, reaching to stop. This model is quite suitable for the cool season, as it completely closes the legs.
  • Jumpsuit with short pants or capers. The length, as a rule, is lower than the knees, but the leg can reach the middle of the calf or close it up almost completely, but it does not reach the ankles.
  • Breeches romper, that is, midi length - to the knees. Unlike shorts, in this model, the trouser legs close the hips.

If we consider the top of the jumpsuit, we can distinguish models:

  • With straps or straps. They hold the upper part. The main advantage of this model is its versatility, since straps with adjustable length allow you to take into account the features of the figure and wear the thing in different ways.
  • With closed top. The upper part is made in the form of a vest, top or shirt with a short or long sleeve. This model is an independent garment that does not require additional components: it can be safely put on no underwear.
  • Without shoulder straps with an open top.Such a jumpsuit has no straps, so the upper part should be a fitting or augmented rubber band to keep the thing and not slip. This option can be called feminine and even sexy, because it involves bare shoulders.

Jeans overalls differ in styles. So, a model with long legs can be loose, fully fitting, fitted with a flared bottom, with a high or, on the contrary, low waist. As for shortened overalls, in this case the variations are much smaller: shorts or breeches can be either narrowed or loose, like a skirt.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose a trendy, stylish and, most importantly, suitable denim overalls? To find the perfect option, be guided by the following criteria:

  1. Season. It is logical that in the hot season you can wear a summer overall with shorts, and in cooler weather, long models will be appropriate.
  2. Features of the figure directly affect the style, because the right thing should hide all the flaws and emphasize the advantages. If you are a happy owner of a slim body, then you can afford any models.For full girls, the best solution would be free models, for example, with an elastic band at the waist. If you have wide hips, then you can choose the option with free or wide and flared leg from the top.
  3. Relevance. When will you wear a thing? If it is purchased for everyday wear, then you can choose a youth model of free style. But for dating or going to parties is to choose a feminine fitting overalls.
  4. Colors and prints. Traditional denim tones are blue and cyan. The first one is dark, so it will be slim and suitable for ladies with appetizing forms. And for girls with a slim build, a light blue jumpsuit will be a good option, which will give the body a visual lack of volume. But you can also find models of bright colors and even with creative prints - they will be appreciated by courageous and loving to stand out in the crowd of personality.

How to wear?

What can I wear with stylish denim overalls?

Interesting options:

  • In the summer with an overalls, you can wear T-shirts model "alcoholic", which emphasize the free youth style.
  • Tops look stylish, especially on slim girls.
  • Another casual summer option is a t-shirt.
  • If it's cool outside, wear a turtleneck, it will make your image more restrained, but not strict.
  • Wear a shirt under the jumpsuit.
  • To look more sexy and feminine, complement the garment in question with a blouse, for example, chiffon or silk.
  • The youth sweatshirts, sweatshirts, long sleeves and thin shirts are perfectly combined with overalls.
  • Jumper to protect against cold.

As for outerwear, loose-fitting cardigans, youth leather jackets, leather coats, wide coats, vests or even blazers will be combined with the overalls.

We select the right shoes

The choice of shoes will depend on the time of year and the style of the jumpsuit. For example, feminine skinny models in summer can be worn with ballet shoes, flat sandals, wedges or heels. In the warm spring you can afford shoes with a steady heel or sexy pumps with high heels. In cool weather, shoe ankle boots or even boots, tucked in their legs.

If you prefer a model in the style of “casual”, then choose such shoes as sneakers or sneakers, “sneakers”, slip-ons and other similar ones.

We complement the jumpsuit with accessories

If the image seems boring and you want to refresh it, use accessories. So, you can add a set of stylish decoration: a massive necklace or pendant, large beads, wide bright bracelet. You can also emphasize the waist with a contrast strap.

Tip: if a beautiful jumpsuit is decorated or complemented by a bright thing, then accessories will be superfluous, as they will overload the image and make your appearance ridiculous.

Choose a suitable jumpsuit and wear it properly to be in trend.

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