How to choose and with what to wear a female anorak?

Have you noticed how often things become fashionable and a real trend that have come to us from sports or even military uniforms? The once rude and very practical things are diluted with new ideas, interesting additions of designers and instantly get on the top steps of the world beauty experts.

Anorak was no exception, this sports jacket, which broke into the world of everyday fashion as early as the 70s of the last century, is today a favorite element of youth and all the most real fashionistas.

You still do not know what it is and what to wear it with? It does not matter, today we will certainly devote you to all the subtleties of this interesting trend of recent seasons. In general, the word "anorak" came to us from the language of the Eskimos, who, due to harsh weather conditions, have long preferred clothing of a similar cut for effective protection against wind and cold.

A special cut, in the first place, consists in the absence of the usual zipper or other fasteners in front.Usually they are sewn from special thin, but waterproof and not blown materials, which is very convenient for hiking, traveling or picnicking in nature. However, the anorak jacket has long gone beyond its original purpose, today they are successfully combined with various urban styles.

Characteristics and features

Such jackets are, both women and men, distinguish them, of course, to a greater extent, the colors and size of models. All have a sports length just below the belt or to the middle of the thighs, equipped with a hood, which, most often, is complemented by a small zipper on the front of the neck.

In the hood they sew special elastic bands, which are very appropriate for protection from the wind, along the bottom of the jacket, in the sleeves, and sometimes at the waist as well, they sew elastic bands that ensure a tight fit of matter to the body, and, therefore, additional comfort.

Another distinctive feature of this jacket is the presence of a capacious kangaroo pocket, which is located on the chest and is a convenient addition for athletes and walkers. The fact is that both of them and others often have heavy backpacks behind their shoulders, which make it difficult to use their usual side pockets without any obstacles, by the way, in anoraks they are often not at all available.

It is worth saying that it is really a very comfortable and practical windbreaker, which perfectly saves you from bad weather, saves heat (there are even special winter models), and also allows its owner to look stylish and fashionable.

What to wear?

Incidentally, the first anoraks, which were worn in a cold arctic climate, were sewn from thick skin that did not let moisture through. Today, these are special delicate matters, which not only possess all the necessary properties for athletes, but also fit perfectly into the modern youth style.

This model is gaining considerable momentum in popularity, which can be seen even by the brands that constantly present new styles of anoraks in their annual collections: Stone Island, Nike, Fred Perry, Napapijri, and others.

With their help, you can create your own unique style, unique and bright, which will always distinguish from the gray and the same mass of people. On sale you can find a variety of models of anoraks: juicy and colorful, solid, strict, camouflage and pastel, in general, any!

They are perfect not only for real athletes, but also for active people who like frequent walks or cycling, and besides, anorak is always a good idea for outdoor clothing in a cool time.

The main advantage of such jackets is, of course, their practicality, but is it possible to miss the moment that with its help it is so easy to create feminine and relaxed images! For example, the most common set is skinny jeans, sneakers, or sneakers.

This windbreaker is stylishly combined with loose knitted sweaters and pajtas, as well as lengthened dresses. To make the usual sports look more vivid, pick up juicy colored training tights and white sneakers for an anorak - a completely win-win option that will accentuate your legs.

To create a spectacular image, combine this windbreaker with a short skirt and tight tights. You can complete the whole image with martins shoes and a sports knitted hat.

You can also find on sale the so-called anoraks, in which they sew the front zipper, add fur and call them “parks”. Still, you do not need to confuse these two concepts, because they have fundamental differences, and use them as synonyms - is silly.

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