How to choose everyday earrings and rings

The choice of jewelry has always excited women. After all, every lady wants to look great, feel great and stay charming. To achieve this is easy: it is enough to make the right choice of jewelry for every day. And no one can doubt female attractiveness.

Everyday Jewelery: Choice Rules

In the arsenal of each girl, the decorations should be different in shape and basic materials. In this case, the lady will be able to create any image and emphasize her femininity in any setting. Particular attention should be paid to the color scheme: in the box should be jewelry with red stones in silver, romantic pendants, bracelets, rings. The more choices, the better. But it must be remembered: in the assortment of women's jewelry should be present products with natural stones. So you can easily emphasize the presence of impeccable taste.

When choosing jewelry for everyday wear, you should choose beautiful rings that emphasize the uniqueness of the image and reveal the feminine charm. Silver rings with small natural stones that look good with stud earrings are worthy of special attention. And it is better to buy a ring with a large stone made of silver, complete with elegant silver earrings. You can wear these sets daily or for social events.

How to choose casual earrings in the shape of the face

Skillful selection of earrings in the shape of the face will emphasize the beauty and hide the small "flaws". For a round or wide oval, earrings of medium size, oblong, flat clips, small earrings with pendants are suitable. A girl with a small face will be decorated with large and massive earrings that will visually expand the oval. Different decorations are suitable for the owners of the “correct” form: everything depends on personal preferences. Ladies with an elongated oval can easily choose large earrings that are shaped like buttons or flat balls. It is worth paying attention to silver products that are suitable for girls with any skin color, face shape. Want to add an image of femininity? It is time to update your jewelry set.For example, spectacular round earrings will add to the girl charm and mystery: they can be worn with thin bracelets or elegant rings. A feminine long silver earrings to buy better complete with a thin silver ring.

To emphasize your energy and status, you should also choose gold jewelry. But at the same time to remember: precious materials give charm to the female image, which is impossible not to notice. Therefore, the assortment of the women's jewelry box should include many different decorations: from small elegant earrings to massive rings with natural stones.

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