How to choose the best hair dryer for hair type

Most customers choose a hair dryer, focusing on its power. And if the hair is longer than the shoulder blades, then a hair dryer with a small capacity will not dry well. It should be noted that the power of the hair dryer affects only the speed of the air flow coming out of the hair dryer. It does not affect the temperature of the stream in any way.

Hair dryer. How to choose for yourself?

It should be noted that if the hair dryer is selected for use by the whole family, then it’s worth stopping at the universal version. If the hair dryer has the ability to control the power of the air flow, then they can safely use their whole family for their hair. Simply everyone should choose power, optimum for the hair.

If a woman's hair is shorter than the shoulder blades and is characterized by increased fragility and dryness, then the power of the hair dryer should not exceed 1200 watts. If the dryer is with a higher power, then laying with its use will not work. Such a hair dryer can only spoil and damage the hair.

If the hair is thick, long and heavy, then you can buy a hair dryer with a capacity higher than 1600 watts. After drying, the hair will become fluffy, and the hair hairstyle.

hair dryer

Nozzles for the hair dryer and additional features

The market is filled with various types of hair dryers. Manufacturers offer all the new features, and nozzles make styling easy and simple.

  1. The nozzle the concentrator for the hair dryer is offered complete with all, even inexpensive hair dryers. This nozzle is used when styling hair. It looks like a flattened cylinder and allows you to direct the air flow to a specific place.
  2. The diffuser is also a nozzle. But it is not applied to all types of hair dryers. The attachment will save hair from overheating and will not injure them. You can learn it through the holes on the nozzle. Thanks to these holes, the air flow becomes softer than usual.
  3. An active diffuser is a type of conventional diffuser with moving fingers, massaging the skin and giving the hair a basal volume.
  4. Replaceable filters are offered for hair dryers from a higher price category. If the package includes replacement filters for a hairdryer, this may indicate a longer use of the device.As soon as it becomes obvious that the power of the hair dryer has decreased, you can change the filter and the hair dryer will work as new.
  5. The cold air supply function is now provided on most models of hair dryers. Thanks to this feature, styling can be done without using elevated temperatures.
  6. Ionization of air allows to reduce static electricity. Thanks to this function, the hair will not dry out and will become smooth.

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