How to choose the front door

There is nothing more responsible than choosing the front door. This is not the case when you can save - peace and security are the most expensive. The main thing here is to understand how to distinguish a really good product from a mediocre one.

Three functions are important to you: protective, insulating and aesthetic. We will not give any advice on the latter, since finishing is a matter of individual preferences only. And about the first you need at least a minimum of information.

Which door will be reliable?

For many of the fact that the door is metal, enough to find it a really good protection for your home. However, the simplest (they are the cheapest) products are just two sheets of steel of not the best quality, fastened with stiffening ribs. Nothing worth cutting through or bending them. However, in the conditions of an apartment building, burglars are unlikely to resort to using autogen or a grinder so that no one will notice. So even such constructions will go down, if you do not attach much importance to heat and to the absence of noise.

For city apartments, the reliability of the castle is more important, so pay attention to it first of all. It is best to have two of them - cylindrical and suvaldny. They have slightly different principles of action, and burglars who are equally versed in both types are hard to find.

The complexity of the locks that installed the door manufacturing plant is important. For suvaldnyh it can be determined by the number of "beards" on the key - if they are seven or higher, you can almost open the master key. For cylindrical - by the number of dents on the key - there should be five of them.

Look at the bolt. Here, too, the principle of “more is better”, the optimal number - from four.

Sound and heat insulation

Here you need to study the door in the cut - what it is filled with, how tightly. This information is always on the websites of manufacturers, for example, at, they put the scheme so that consumers can get acquainted. Schematic "cuts", as a rule, are placed for review and salons doors.

Inside there must be foam, mineral wool - at least something that will dampen the vibrations, otherwise the slightest knock will look like a drum roll.Very well with the “drum effect” cope thickened decorative panels (about a centimeter thick). The rest is a question concerning the quality of the installation: how well did it fill all the gaps between the frame and the wall, whether the sealant was laid in sufficient quantity (even a double contour is better).

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