How to clear the body

How to clear the car body auto photo

How to clear the body

When people bring vehicles into the country from abroad, people often have certain problems with customs clearance. It is especially hard to figure out how to act, if you only need to clear the body of an imported car.


Customs clearance car body



First of all, inform the customs that you are going to enter the car body in the country. After receiving your written notice at customs, you will be required to deposit a certain amount of bail to ensure your follow-up actions. All money left by you as a pledge will be credited later to the total amount of the required customs payment. If the deposit is paid and the import has not occurred, the deposit amount will be returned within three years, in accordance with the preliminary written application.


Next, the car body must be imported into the territory of our country. After delivering it to the customs office, the process of registration will begin. In order for the importation to be officially authorized, pay all the necessary payments, identify the car body and provide a certificate of control over the body delivery process.


On the day on which the process of customs clearance is scheduled, take a turn and submit a notice on the delivery of the body to the post. In this case, the body itself must be placed in a warehouse where cars are temporarily stored, after having signed the relevant contract. The customs inspector will inspect the body to identify all the necessary data.


To continue the process of customs clearance, conduct an expert assessment of the imported body of the vehicle. If the body is not new, then the year of production will be a very important component of the expert assessment. Also a weighty basis in the evaluation process will be considered an act of customs body inspection.


Accordingly, with a certain expert estimate of the cost, you will have to pay import duties in the amount of 15% of this amount, as well as 18% VAT. After all necessary payments have been made and you submit receipts confirming this, the customs clearance will be completely over.

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