How to confirm a blockchain transaction

There are no instant transfers in the blockchain system, so you need to be patient. Verification of the transaction begins immediately after the withdrawal of funds from the user's electronic keeper. This process has several stages:

  1. The transaction information is enclosed in special blocks with unique data (number and hash).
  2. Blocks are sent to various computers that conduct calculations using a special algorithm.
  3. When the same calculation results are received by all computers, the blocks are in a common chain, which is the blockchain.
  4. The amount sent is displayed in the receiver's keeper.

In order for the transfer to be successful, a check of six blocks is required, and in case of failure, the crypto money returns to the sender. The speed of the check is influenced by many different factors, including the size of the amount sent, the location of the parties to the transaction, the overall complexity of the calculations.

Users are practically unable to speed up the confirmation of the operation, but may follow some recommendations, due to which they will have to wait much less.First of all, it is necessary that both parties use the latest version of the keeper with the support of the automatic confirmation of the transfer.

You can also conduct a transaction through one of the special cryptocurrency exchange sites: in this case, the sender will have to inform the recipient of a unique code, which he must enter in a special field, which will provide both persons with all the necessary information about the transaction. In addition, before completing each transfer, you should observe how stable the course of cryptocurrency is at the moment, and refrain from operations in the event of sharp jumps.

The well-known fact is that transfers of large amounts are completed faster than small ones. This is due to the fact that the owners of computers, leading calculations and performing the formation of blocks (miners) receive a commission from each translation. Thus, the commission from large sums is obtained more, which determines the priority of the execution of the necessary work.

So, verification of the transfer can take from several hours to several days. The blockchain technology is fairly reliable, so most often the operations are completed successfully, and the recipient receives the expected amount.Holders of cryptocurrency should think in advance about the possibility of increasing the size of the commission, the use of keeper with the function of multi-signature or the procurement of transactions in reserve. For example, you can keep on hand separate addresses with a cryptocurrency and, if necessary, transfer the key from them to the right person.

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