How to console your beloved

Think of what could have caused her tears. Just do not ask her with a passion and do not voice any assumptions. This can cause another attack of sobbing or, on the contrary, mad rage directed against you.
When looking for the cause of female tears, always start with yourself. Maybe you recently paid too little attention to her? Or did she (or one of her relatives) get sick? The cause of tears can be trouble at work. Remember, if she had not recently complained about her colleagues or her boss, or if she took a job at home. The most difficult option is when one of her close relatives suddenly died. Here it depends only on you whether you will get rid of on duty condolences or show patience and endurance and help her to overcome her grief.
If you began to pay her less attention because of work or study, to rest from which in the near future will not work, show your concern for her in everyday relationships.Any work or a busy study schedule is not a reason to not please her with some kind of joint actions (for example, to go shopping with her or to cook dinner together).
If she is sick, then the methods and methods of consolation will depend on the severity of the disease and on your tact. If she has a banal cold, give her hot tea with raspberries or lemon, give them pills, put them in bed, wrap up warmly and kiss. So that she would not be bored and lonely without you, buy her some interesting books, CDs with funny movies. If she is somewhat sentimental, give her a huge stuffed toy and a “Get well soon” postcard in which you write that you miss her very much.
If the disease is protracted or an operation is required, try to distract it from dark thoughts by offering together (always together!) To do something interesting and useful at the same time. Any option can come up here, up to cross stitching or cutting with a jigsaw. However, any activity or game will need to have an element of competition. This is necessary in order for the beloved to feel the strength to cope with the disease.
Helping to cope with problems at work is not easy.Do not tell her that you will deal with your beloved colleagues (with the exception of harassment). Just tell her that in any case you will always be there and solve any questions together, even if she decides to leave the service.
If someone from the relatives of your beloved is seriously ill or has died, silence will be the best consolation. Just sit down next to her, take her hand and squeeze it in your hand. If you can help something financially, do it, but do not start a conversation about it right away.

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