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How to Contact Hyundai

Two Methods:

If you're planning on buying a Hyundai, already own one, or are just considering a car purchase, you probably have a few questions on your mind. But how do you contact such a large corporation with hundreds of regional offices around the world? If you want to contact Hyundai, you have a few options: contacting a representative using the more traditional non-digital forms of communication, or through online forms and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.


Contacting a Representative

  1. Call Hyundai and speak with a representative or leave a message.All of Hyundai's country offices, as well as regional dealers, have phone numbers to contact them directly. Phone numbers can be found on the "Contact Us" page of their websites.
    • Hyundai USA's head office number is 1-(800)-633-5151, and in Canada it's 1-(888)-216-2626
    • Worldwide numbers can be found here:
  2. Send a letter to Hyundai for a more personal method of communication.If you're having trouble getting the response you want using digital contact methods or by visiting local dealers, you can send mail to your country's Hyundai offices. Sending physical mail requires a level of effort that shows company representatives that you are serious about your concerns.
    • Handwrite the letter to give it a personal touch, or type it up if you're more concerned about legibility and professionalism.
    • Contact Hyundai on social media to inform them that you have sent the letter.
  3. Visit your local Hyundai dealer to ask questions in-person.Going to your local Hyundai dealer is a great way to get an answer to your questions or concerns immediately. Ask a customer service representative for help and either they will assist you, or connect you to a person who can.
    • Always have your government issued driver's license, VIN, and proof of insurance ready when you visit Hyundai dealers.
    • For potential buyers, you should also bring a pay-stub and void cheque.

Connecting with Hyundai Online

  1. Connect with Hyundai using their on-site forms.Hyundai's corporate websites are separated based on country, and there are also regional websites for local Hyundai dealers. All of them have on-site forms that can be used to submit general consumer concerns and require you to enter relevant personal information. This includes first name, last name, email address, vehicle identification number (VIN), and vehicle model.
    • VINs can be found on the dashboard of the driver's side of any given vehicle. Stand outside of the vehicle and locate it on the corner, within the region where the dashboard connects with the windshield. Some websites will not ask for your VIN.
    • Hyundai US is here: .
    • Hyundai Canada is here: .
  2. Send an email to Hyundai directly for sites that list email addresses.Hyundai has various contact addresses listed on some of their country websites. You can also find local Hyundai dealership emails to contact a seller in your town, state, or province.
    • Different Hyundai emails address different concerns. For example, is for Canadians looking for donations or sponsorships, while is for complaints or concerns regarding American Hyundai products.
  3. Tweet your concerns to Hyundai on Twitter.Hyundai responds to customer questions via Twitter. You can also find the accounts of local Hyundai dealers, although general questions are best addressed by country-based Twitter accounts. For example, if you're in the USA, visit their Twitter account: .
    • Hyundai can connect you with regional managers in your local area. For example, you can Tweet "@Hyundai What is the contact information and name of my state's regional manager?" and "@Hyundai Where can I find a used 4-door Sedan with a budget of ,000 or less?"
    • Get your contact information and VIN ready, as Hyundai will probably ask you to DM them.
    • Follow Hyundai on Twitter to stay connected to current promotions and deals.
  4. Reach out to Hyundai on Facebook.Search "Hyundai" on Facebook and you'll find the Hyundai pages for USA, Canada, and worldwide. You can send them a message using Facebook Messenger and they typically reply within a few hours.
    • For example, you can write "What sorts of deals do you have on new cars up to ,000 in my region?" and they will connect you with the right personnel. There is no character limit on Facebook, so your message can be as long as you want.
    • You can also comment on posts made by Hyundai pages.
    • Local Hyundai dealers have their own regional Facebook pages.

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How to Contact Hyundai
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