How to cook a delicious ryazhenka?

City dwellers who do not often visit the countryside, sometimes do not even know what a real ryazhenka is. Buying a light cream dairy product in the store, which has long lost the original taste and texture of such a delicacy, we have already stopped to think about how ryazhenka should look real.

Delicious drink

But before, such a dish was prepared in almost every family, and they were eaten in such a way that they could just sparkle behind their cheeks! There were no special recipes and cooking secrets, but the spoon, dipped in a pot with ryazhenka, always stuck out like a bayonet! You thought ryazhenku need to drink? This ryazhenka need to eat, preferably with spoons.

Tasty ryazhenka at home is a simple matter, any novice hostess can handle it, but still you need to know a few secrets and tricks to get an impressive result.

For those who, suddenly, do not know, ryazhenka is a fermented milk product, which is obtained by souring of baked milk, which, by the way, is fundamentally different from yogurt, where it is souring fresh milk.

Ryazhenka is not just a tasty delicacy, it is also a very useful product that contains all the same beneficial substances as fresh milk, only they are much better absorbed.

For example, the protein from ryazhenka is absorbed twice as fast, and lactic acid stimulates the appetite well and also has a beneficial effect on the work of the food and intestinal tract.

Needless to say, shop ryazhenka is an easy parody of a true homemade delicacy, where not only taste, but also utility is different: in the store version, food and artificial additives are most often used, which are not something that doesn’t do any good and can cause serious harm to the body!

Therefore, if you want to please your family with a delicious and incredibly useful delicacy, it is better to cook it yourself, and how to do it, we will tell you now.

Cooking secrets

The first thing we need to prepare this dish is natural milk. The best option is homemade real milk that was collected from a cow a few hours ago.

Such village milk is usually brought to the cities in barrels, sold in bottles, it is not stored for a long time, which means you can be convinced of its quality.


You should not be afraid of microbes, in the process of cooking it will languish for a few hours under high temperature, so that it is Ryazhenka, by right, can be considered the purest dairy product, devoid of extraneous bacteria and microorganisms. It is with the help of such milk that one can achieve true taste of ryazhenka.

No, of course, you can use shop milk, it can also turn out quite good ryazhenka, but in this case, carefully read the composition and pay attention to the shelf life: the longer it is, the more stuffed with preservatives.

The next important point is sourdough, because it is with its help that the souring process will be carried out. With sour cream things are the same as with milk: if you can buy homemade, then it is perfect. If all the same store - also an option, but again we are watching the expiration date. To ferment accurately coped with its task, it is best to choose fresh sour cream, which is located at the very beginning of the specified shelf life.


The last thing you need is a special pot in which your ryazhenka will cook.If you follow all the traditional rules, then you need to find a ceramic pot, which, in the homeland of Ryazhenka itself, Ukraine, is called "glechik."

Milk in such a low pot languish for a few hours at high temperature until it turns a delicate pink or cream color, as well as a characteristic dark crust on the surface. Usually this process is carried out in the oven, but, in truth, there are other options for preparing such a dish.

Recipe homemade Ryazhenka

The technology of making this delicacy is extremely simple, so it should not cause any particular difficulties, the main thing is attention and patience, as well as fresh and good products. To cook ryazhenka, you will need:

  • 2 liters of fresh milk;
  • 5 tbsp. spoons of sour cream.

To make a tasty ryazhenka from fresh milk, you will initially have to turn it into baked milk, for which you will need a ceramic pot.

If this was not found, any enameled pan will do, the one that is better for sending to the oven is better. Pour milk into it and send it to the stove, where it needs to be brought to a boil.At this time, do not forget to reheat the oven, a minimum temperature is enough, about 150 °.

Worth a try

When the milk is boiling, remove it from the stove and send it to a well heated oven, where for the first 15 minutes it is necessary to make sure that it does not run away. After that, quietly close the oven door and leave it to languish for 2-3 hours, periodically do not forget to look at it.

After the expiration of the time, we take out the pan, inside of which you can see the ruddy crust formed, under which the fragrant baked milk hides. In fact, this is already a delicious finished product, but we will go further.

Be sure to wait until the melted milk cools and becomes slightly warm, and only after that, you can add sour cream for the leaven.

The fact is that in the hot milk all the fermented milk bacteria will die, and we really need them for souring! So we definitely wait.

After the sour cream is sent to the milk, it must be thoroughly stirred, most importantly, carefully, so as not to damage the beautiful crust, for this you can slightly move its ruddy tip. To make it more convenient to interfere, it can be removed altogether, although the process is not simple, it may not be possible for beginners.

Lay the crust on a flat plate, which is pre-poured with a small amount of milk, so that it does not stick to the surface. Stir the sour cream thoroughly, put the crust back on the surface of the milk, and then put the pan in a warm place, for example, near the battery or near the stove.

The cutting process usually takes 8-12 hours, it all depends on the temperature of the room. In general, you need to look at its appearance: it is considered finished when it becomes easy to move away from the walls, if the saucepan is slightly tilted. After that, it is believed that ryazhenka is ready and it can be put in the refrigerator.

Instead of tile and ceramic pot, you can use more modern methods, for example, cooking ryazhenka in a slow cooker. But to quickly prepare a delicacy will not work here: the milk will initially languish in a slow cooker for about 6 hours on the “Quenching” mode, and only after this the baked milk will be sent to a warm place to turn sour and please you in 6-10 hours with delicious chaff.

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