How to cook an incredibly tasty steak?

Steak is a world-famous enough dish that implies a thick piece of meat, usually cut out from a cow’s carcass, which is roasted on the grill or in a frying pan in a quality and specific way.

According to some experts, this steak can only be obtained from beef, because it can have several degrees of roasting, from which the taste of the whole dish changes dramatically.

Juicy dish

If this dish is prepared from another type of meat, then it will definitely be clarified - pork steak, salmon steak and so on. Despite the fact that the dish in question is considered to be quite expensive, since only about 10% of the whole animal’s carcass can be used to make it, it is one of the most popular and beloved by many recipes for cooking meat.

It is believed that the country that gave the world such an exquisite and tasty dish is America, because it was there that created the real cult of the steak, in addition, it is an important part of their national cuisine.

It is in America that the standards influencing the selection of meat for steaks are recognized and actively applied, and also the strict rules that dictate how to care for cattle, the conditions of slaughter and maintenance.

So, if you want to try a real steak, then this case must definitely go to the US. But, it turns out, in order to try this dish, it's not necessary to go somewhere, just to learn how to cook a delicious steak from beef or, for example, pork.

There is an opinion that not everyone can cope with this task, because certain culinary skills and specific knowledge are required for this.

It is important not to overeat meat

Naturally, in order to prepare a real steak, you must adhere to a certain set of rules, because this dish is not just a fried piece of meat.

But, at the same time, if you arm yourself with quality products and some theoretical knowledge that you can gather in our article, then quality and delicious steak on your table be! Let's understand what the secrets of cooking such a seemingly uncomplicated but at the same time mysterious dish.

The first thing that you need to understand for yourself is the fact that the taste of the final dish, in the majority, depends on the quality and freshness of the products used, in our case, this product is meat.

How to choose meat for steak?

Although it is quite difficult to deal with raw meat, we will give you an example of a few simple rules, based on which you will not make a mistake in your choice.

Remember that quality products can not be cheap, so always focus on the average price.

To begin with, inspect the meat visually: in order to make the steak juicy and tender, choose a piece that will show thin streaks of fat.

Do not be afraid, they will melt during frying, but the meat will turn out to be saturated, and if the layer remains somewhere, you can remove it after frying.

For those who are not afraid to get better

The color of these veins should be white, yellow shade says about the ignorance of the meat or that the animal was old, and therefore the meat will be tough. One of the main points of meat is the structure of its fibers, for the success of the business they must be thin and rather dense, but unstable.

The next point is the color, for example, it is important that the beef is a dark red hue, the lamb is light red, but the pork is pink.

The older the animal, the darker the meat, so try not to take such pieces for your dish. At the same time, a good steak will not come out of pale and watery meat, since during frying it will release a lot of juice and decrease in size several times, becoming hard.

And the last point, this is the maturity of the meat: in order for the steak to work out, it is necessary for the beef to hang about 2-4 weeks before it can be fried, but the pork for this dish suits just a steam room.

To check the maturity of meat, press your index finger on a piece of meat, if the dent is left and the birch returns to its place for some time, the meat is fresh and mature. In other cases, it is better to bypass such products.

The secrets of cooking delicious steak

Before you begin the frying process, you need to understand for yourself that there are several degrees of roasting meat steak. Among them are three main and most popular options:

  • well-done (absolutely roasted, practically without juice, t = 70 ° -100 °),
  • medium (medium degree of roasting with an inner light pink juice, t = 60 ° -65 °),
  • rare (meat with blood, fried only outside and red inside, t = 49 ° -55 °).

Naturally, everyone chooses the option that is most suitable for them, but it is believed that the most correct option is medium-roasting.

At home it is harder to cook such a dish, because meat can sprinkle. To do this, be sure to dry the steaks before sending them to the pan.

It is important to clarify the moment of defrosting: of course, it’s good if you instantly fry a piece of meat brought from the market, but if you got it out of the freezer, it is important to defrost it correctly, so as not to damage the integrity of the fibers.

The best option is to leave the frozen piece for a day in the refrigerator, during which time it will have time to defrost without damaging its taste qualities.

It is categorically not recommended to thaw meat on a steak in the microwave or in hot water, because the upper layers begin to cook during the thawing process, which is why it is difficult to achieve even roasting.

How to cook a juicy steak in the oven and in a pan?

  • Cut the meat into large enough pieces - about 7 cm in length, 3-4 cm in width.
  • Pre slices of raw steak should be marinated - in wine, in soy sauce, you can add spices, for example, mustard powder for softness, herbs - for flavor.Do not be afraid to overdo it with spices, the more herbs, the better the meat will smell. Experts are constantly arguing about pepper and salt, some of them believe that they are better to add already in the plate to the finished piece, and some prefer to salt and pepper at the marinating level. We chose the second option, so the meat gets a richer taste.
  • Before putting the pieces in the pan, smear them with vegetable oil, so they will burn less and splash. It is also important to remember that the pan is initially heated to the limit, and only then we spread the meat.
  • In a hot frying pan fry on each side for 1 minute, then reduce heat and cook the meat for about 5-6 minutes on each side for complete cooking. To meat came, you can put it in the oven for just a couple of minutes, or just leave on a warm frying pan for 5-10 minutes. If you want to get a version of the steak with blood, then you need to fry it only for a couple of minutes on each side, and then let it walk for a few more minutes on the stove.

With what to serve meat steak?

Best of all steaks are combined with red sauce, grilled vegetables, pickled and pickled vegetables, baked potatoes and greens.Bon Appetit!

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