How to create your movie?

Before you start shooting a film, you should ask yourself if you are ready to spend almost all your time on creating it. Are you ready for the fair financial costs that will be needed in order to acquire the necessary software and additional equipment? If all this does not scare you, then read this article. In it we will tell how to create a movie from a video.

Goal setting

Our goal will be to get a film on the way out, which is an artistic and logically completed work, well-designed. It should be interesting not only to you, its author, but also to your friends and relatives. This is at least. So, we are starting, in order, to figure out how to create our own film from the moment when we already have the footage, how we have already done it correctly.

Film making

To work, we need a modern computer and our video camera, which was filmed. The computer must have powerful functionality, because working with video involves processing a large amount of information.It should have a DVD burner and printer, and various additional equipment.

  • First of all, you need to transfer recordings from a video camera to a computer. Their format should be suitable for further processing, that is, video editing.
  • When you buy a video camera, in order to create a film, the program is sufficient for editing, comes with it. It needs to be installed.
  • If the video is recorded on an analog cassette, an additional acquisition of a video capture device will be required. It is an additional fee that is inserted into the free port of the computer. It can also be an external device that connects between a computer and a video camera.
  • If the recording was made on a digital cassette, it would be desirable to purchase a special FireWare controller for the computer, which provides high speed data exchange between the computer and the video camera.
  • The best option would be if the recording was carried out on the hard disk of the camera or DVD-ROM. In this case, to transfer video to a computer, it is enough to connect the camera and computer with a USB cable.
  • If the files appeared in the computer, it means that you have succeeded. You have digitized the video. But this is not yet a movie.Material, it is impossible to name where everything is mixed. First you need to cut out all unnecessary or spoiled, the marriage, which was allowed when shooting. Continuing the story of how to create your movie, let's say that you will need software.
  • Utilities are needed for video editing and editing. These are video editors with which you can create a movie. For free, you can use the program that is installed in your computer, Windows Movie Maker, or the one that was purchased with the video camera. They have the simplest possibilities of working with video. You can also buy additional utilities that provide much more opportunities to work with video. But it should be remembered that a good film is created not by a program, but by a person who skillfully and qualitatively applies it.

It depends on him what happens as a result.

Film editing

  • So, the technical defect is removed. But the film is not ready again. Now begins the most interesting and most creative process, directly editing the material.
  • It is believed that the film is born on the mounting table.The same footage can be mounted differently. The films are completely different.
  • Video clips are glued together in episodes, overlaying titles that can explain the essence of what is happening or indicate the place where the shooting was carried out and the time.
  • Need to work with the sound. It is he who will help to perceive the video plot as it was intended by the author. Additionally, it will convey the mood of the video, set the desired rhythm, and be able to intrigue the viewer waiting for further developments.
  • Audio material for the film is selected carefully. The impression of what is happening on the screen must be strengthened.
  • The music must also be selected independently. To listen to a large amount of material, it can be completely diverse. Before there is the necessary material, there is a lot of work. The timing and sound should be clearly aligned. The brightest moments of audio should be in harmony with the brightest moments of the video.
  • The volume level of the original sound and that which is additionally superimposed must be worked out. The loudness in the audio channels should be introduced and output in time to highlight the necessary and remove the unnecessary - unnecessary replicas, unwanted background sounds, wind noise.Working with sound requires the same creativity as working with video.
  • After these stages are completed, the final assembly of the film must be carried out. We need to translate to DVD format and assemble the finished parts of the video into a movie. This is called authoring. It lies in the fact that you need to create a convenient navigation menu for the episodes, the imposition of background sound of the disc, background pictures, all that will be played automatically when you start the disc through the player.
  • Finally, the disc must be issued, burned, arrange the box and finally collect. For all these procedures, mock-ups and images should be prepared.

After the disk assembly stage has been completed, it remains to enjoy the result and tell your relatives and friends that you managed to create a movie. Online viewing of it, you can organize by downloading the movie on the Internet. To do this, you can use free services or create your own website. On it you can organize your video library, which will allow you to create your own advertising. As a result, you can make it your source of income. We wish you good luck!

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