How to cure a cold during pregnancy

The first step is to consult a doctor. This may be your general practitioner, as long as he knows about your pregnancy. Indeed, during the treatment of colds, many drugs are contraindicated to expectant mothers. No doctor during pregnancy will prescribe you antibiotics, alcohol tinctures, immunomodulatory drugs, and even many antipyretic drugs. So the main focus is on the treatment of folk remedies.
You will be helped by a warm, abundant drink. This may be tea from decoctions of linden, chamomile, wild rose. Melis and mint is better not to use, as they reduce blood viscosity. Very beneficial effect on the weakened body warm milk with honey. Juices, mineral water without gas and fruit drinks are not contraindicated. At all times broth was considered miraculously useful, let it be from a non-greasy chicken and freshly prepared.
If the sore throat hurts and throat, rinsing will help.Chamomile will have a slight antiseptic and softening effect. Broths should not be hot, as this will further increase the irritation of the throat. You can also gargle with warm boiled water with the addition of soda and a couple drops of food. And at night you can take half a spoonful of honey in your mouth, but not swallow right away, but dissolve gradually.
Inhalation will help with a cold and sore throat. Our grandmothers also knew that the steam from boiled potatoes is very useful, you need to breathe over such steam, having covered yourself with a towel for 2-3 minutes. This method is absolutely harmless for both the future mother and the baby with only one exception - you should not do inhalation when the temperature is high.
When you have a runny nose, it is not sweet for both you and the baby, since breathing is difficult, and the blood is poorly enriched with oxygen. All vasoconstrictor drops during pregnancy are contraindicated, so it is better to remember the folk remedies. Scarlet has proven itself as a good remedy for the common cold, it is worth only to note that in its pure form, aloe juice can irritate the nasal mucosa, so it is better to dilute it with water one by one and with this solution to instill the nose.Washing the nose with a saline solution also helps. It is better if the salt is sea. Another secret is to warm the legs.

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