How to cure flu

Consider that from now on, you are a peddler of the infection and are fully capable of infecting your household. Therefore, do not neglect prophylactic agents, such as gauze dressings. This will help protect your household from illness. Do not forget to change the mask in 2-3 hours. Currently, disposable paper masks can be purchased at any pharmacy. If they are not on sale, use a bandage or gauze and make a mask yourself. For effective retention of viruses, it is enough to fold gauze into 4 layers.
Drink as much water as possible. Not less than 2.5 liters during the day. You can also drink compotes, fruit drinks, mineral water and teas. Sweeten the tea with honey. Also add small pieces of lemon to tea and mineral water. You can drink warm milk.
At the beginning of the disease, take 2.5 g of ascorbic acid. Next, take it every day for 1 g. Dissolve it in warm sweet tea and drink in small portions throughout the day. Thus, it is absorbed much better.
If your temperature has risen, but not more than 38 degrees, do not rush to take anti-fever drugs. This temperature indicates that the body is fighting the infection and, by reducing it, you will interfere with the process. Therefore, heat should be brought down only when this threshold is exceeded.
Do not use antibiotics yourself. These drugs are prescribed by the attending physician, depending on the course of the disease and the condition of the patient. If you start taking these drugs without consulting your doctor, you may well contribute to the development of bacterial complications.
Remember that musty, heavy air allows the virus to multiply fasterflu. Therefore, constantly ventilate the room, providing fresh air.

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