How to decorate a group in kindergarten for the New Year

Decorating a group for the New Year in kindergarten is a rather exciting activity not only for teachers, but also for the children themselves and their parents. Children always enjoy beautiful and new things, and adults show their creative potential. Parents help teachers to cut out snowflakes, draw New Year's posters, bring sketches of Christmas-tree decorations. Tinsel, garlands, crackers, fancy toys, various New Year's figures - this is exactly what can be used as ornaments for any group of kindergarten.

Decorating a group in kindergarten for the winter is a useful and necessary exercise. Let's see what can be decorated with a group of kindergarten.

Many kids love balls. Balls are incredibly attractive combined with Christmas-tree decorations and garlands.

How to decorate a group in kindergarten with your own hands for the New Year?

You can use one of the many tips and practical recommendations:

  • Inflate balls and attach them to the curtains.
  • Draw New Year's drawings and stick them on the walls with scotch tape.
  • Decorate walls and windows with snowflakes made with a scissors from napkins.
  • Weigh Christmas toys.
  • Decorate the room with colorful garlands, which can be turned on at certain times.
  • Hang up New Year's posters.
  • Make stars from foil and colored paper.
  • Rain to decorate the curtains.
  • With the help of tinsel to give the toys and the group a bright look.
  • Cut out the big letters from the paper and write them wishes for the New Year.
  • Decorate the room with candy, nuts in foil, fruit.
  • Dress up the little Christmas tree and place it in the center of the group on the stand.

The adornment of groups of kindergarten by the New Year enthralls all children. And how they will be pleased if a little snowflake hangs over the crib, and under each pillow each child will have a pleasant surprise. Kids love wonders. It is possible for each kid to prepare a small present with his name and paste on the wall, showing where their personal surprises hang. Children will not only be interested in being in a group, but also listen to the caregiver and follow his recommendations.

Making a group for the New Year in kindergarten is ready.

How to festively decorate the hall: step by step instructions

  • The general plan of the hall of the kindergarten group is thought out by the teacher.
  • Invite the children to make stars and snowflakes.
  • Ask parents to bring Christmas decorations, garlands and tinsel.
  • With the help of parents to carry out the preparation of the group for the holiday. Do not forget about the bedroom and the corridor, where children undress.
  • Inflate with the help of parents balls.
  • Hang gifts and surprises on the walls.

For the organization of the holiday and the holiday itself should not be fully responsible educator. Perhaps many parents are not opposed not only to offer their help, to bring decorations, but also to order bright new Christmas tree garlands and help them hang them.

Christmas decoration groups in kindergarten will please not only children but also their parents. After all, every parent is pleased to realize that his child is happy, cheerful and happy to go to kindergarten.

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