How to delete messages in contact?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
May 10, 2015
How to delete messages in contact?

In contact today is one of the most visited social networks. Its users actively communicate with each other, and a huge amount of unnecessary dialogues and messages gradually accumulate.

This article is about how to delete messages in the contact.

How to delete individual messages in the contact?

Individual messages in the contact are deleted manually. The easiest and most intuitive way to do this is this:

  1. Go to our page, select the "My Messages" tab. All your dialogs will open.
  2. Choose the dialogue you need and look for the messages you want to delete. To select a message, just move the mouse cursor to it and it will automatically turn a darker blue.
  3. After that, click on it with the left mouse button - a blue check mark will appear opposite the message, now the message is highlighted.
  4. Then in the upper right corner of the page we find the tab "Actions". Go there and click on "Delete message". Everything, the message is deleted.

Remember that if you have already sent a message, you can only delete it on your page. Your buddy can still read it.

How to delete all dialogue messages in the contact?

It is even easier to delete the entire dialog at once. To do this, again, go to "My Messages", move the cursor to the dialog you do not need - a bold cross appears near it. Click on it - the dialogue is deleted. Remember that you cannot undo this action, messages will be permanently deleted.

Another option is to enter the dialog that you want to delete, and from there go to the "Actions" tab. There you need to select the item "Clear message history." In this case, your messages will keep the dialogue with the interlocutor, but there will be no messages in it.

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