How to determine the acidity of the stomach at home and normalize it

Changes in the acidity of the stomach are often accompanied by discomfort. If it is elevated, then the person will experience the following symptoms:

  • acute pain in the stomach;

  • heartburn;

  • constipation;

  • burning pain in the stomach;

  • loose stools.

In people with low acidity of the stomach, there is a frequent rumbling in the stomach and bad breath.

It should be noted that the lifestyle directly affects the acidity of the stomach. For example, high acidity is often observed in smokers, people who abuse alcohol. Also, increased acidity is observed in people who constantly chew gum on an empty stomach. Low acidity, as a rule, is found in people who lack protein foods.

How to change the acidity of the stomach

All of the above symptoms will help determine the increased / decreased acidity at home. To bring the state of the stomach in order, you can consult a doctor so that he prescribed medication.

Without the help of a specialist, acidity can be reduced if:

  1. During the day, drink at least 2 liters of water.
  2. Divide meals into 5 servings.
  3. Include in your diet dairy products, fruits and vegetables, fish and white meat.
  4. Do not drink alcohol, coffee, chocolate, citrus, fried or fatty foods.

To increase the acidity of the stomach at home, you need to eat more grapes, apricots, turnip puree, drink 500 ml of whole milk. Honey water is considered a good way to increase stomach acidity. For its preparation you need to mix ½ tsp. honey and 100 ml of boiled warm water.

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