How to determine the authenticity of a ruby?

The rich red color of precious stones has long been poured on crowns and scepters, rods and jewelry designed for the royal dynasty and socially successful people. Ruby is a mineral from the class of oxides, a symbol of passion and sincerity, a measure of power and narcissism. The crystal "enters" in the category of the most expensive and rare stones in the world.

The magic of jewelry, in which there is a natural ruby, is shrouded in a haze of mystery and is known only to the owners of antique relics. The value of the gemstone is the reason for the appearance on the international market of synthetic imitations imitating the nobility of a real mineral.

How to determine the authenticity of a ruby?

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Differences ruby ​​from fake

Before purchasing an exquisite jewelry with red crystal, it is important to ensure its authenticity. You can learn about the origin of ruby ​​at home or with the help of special expertise.The main thing is to apply effective methods of testing natural stone:

  • Place the precious mineral in an empty glass jar. If there is a natural ruby ​​in front of you, then radiation of pale red color will appear in the container.
  • If you immerse a real stone in a tank with cow's milk, the liquid will acquire a characteristic pink tint.
  • Considering the genuine mineral in the hands, on one side of the stone the color will be maroon and saturated, and on the other side light red and faded.
  • Mechanical damage on synthetic stone - a visually noticeable, straight and shiny strip. The crack on natural ruby ​​has a zigzag shape and a matte color.
  • If you put a real gem on a closed eyelid, it will stay cool for a long time. Fakes will heat up in a short period of time, “absorbing” the temperature of a person’s body.
  • Unlike synthetic products under the influence of ultraviolet rays natural ruby ​​becomes orange.
  • If there are bubbles in the structure of the precious mineral, they will be red and round. In imitation of ruby ​​impregnations "empty", hollow, white hue.
  • The density of natural stone is much higher than artificially grown minerals, so the weight of identical jewelry from ruby ​​and counterfeit is different.

For the manufacture of cheap fakes jewelers use glass or plastic, which after cutting are visually similar to natural rubies. To verify the authenticity of the gem, it is recommended to check the crystal using all the methods described above. Only an integrated approach to the identification of natural ruby ​​guarantees you the quality of the mineral.

How to determine the authenticity of a ruby?

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Useful information about rubies

To avoid falling into the tricks of scammers offering to buy at an affordable price a natural ruby, remember the uniqueness of the precious stone. Before entering into a transaction, be guided by the following facts:

  • The cost of a bright red high quality ruby ​​starts at $ 10,000 per carat. Such minerals are mined in quarries in Burma and do not enter jewelry stores, but are sold exclusively at auctions.
  • Souvenirs are not made of expensive crystals, stones are used only in the production of jewelry.
  • For 50 years on the international market jewelry stores lacked natural rubies. The number of red minerals remaining in the world determines their uniqueness and determines the price of crystals.
  • Antique stones of a dark-burgundy shade from a class of oxides, made before the XIX century - a priori genuine. Jewelry with rubies was intended only for high-ranking officials and royal persons, so jewelers did not even think about fake crystals.

The trimmed rubies are bordered with noble metals or inserted into tiaras, crowns and wands. At the auctions are exposed rings, earrings, necklaces and amulets with precious stones of compact size.

Only a gemologist will be able to distinguish a natural stone from a skillfully faceted fake, grown in specially created conditions, after the examination - visually the crystals

Knowing how to determine the authenticity of a ruby, you can not worry about the natural origin of the product.The main thing is not to forget to use useful information before buying a gem.

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