How to do barbell and weighting?

If you decide to play sports, but there is no money for inventory, this is not a reason for frustration. Some sports equipment can be made independently from virtually scrap materials.

Rod making

How to make a barbell at home? We offer some simple ways.

Method one

You can make a bar of sand and ordinary plastic bottles. Here is what you need:

  • Plastic bottles with lids (the volume depends on the desired weight);
  • electrical tape or tape;
  • sand;
  • durable shovel handle or metal pipe;
  • two covers from cans or five-liter bottles;
  • plasticine.


  1. First you need to fill the bottles with sand and screw them tight. The number of tanks will depend on the desired load.
  2. Then you can go in two ways. The first option: connect three or four bottles to each other, wrapping them with tape or tape. You will get a kind of volumetric disk.In the hole formed between the tanks, a self-made rod bar will be placed.
  3. The second option is more complicated, but it will allow making individual home-made pancakes and increasing the weight if necessary. Take a couple of bottles, place them close to each other and wrap tape around the perimeter several times, passing it along the lids, sides and bottom parts. Between the lids will remain a hole, designed to be put on the neck.
  4. Next, you should make a kind of neck for the neck, which will reduce the risk of accidental sliding discs. Take a large lid from the canister, fill it with clay and put it on the edge of a metal pipe or cutting from a shovel.

Tip: instead of sand, you can use water or, for example, small stones.

Second way

A home bar is easy to make from empty cans of paint. Prepare:

  • two paint cans;
  • cement and water;
  • metal pipe;
  • drill and drill.

Process description:

  1. First you need to measure the diameter of the pipe and pick up a suitable drill. Further in the banks drill one hole, roughly in the middle on one side.Holes should be on the same level.
  2. In the finished holes, place the metal tube.
  3. Prepare the cement mortar by mixing the powder with water in the proportions indicated in the package instructions. With this mixture, fill the cans, adhering to the desired weight.
  4. Now the cement must be completely dry, so that the disks become rigid, and the neck firmly fixed in them.

Third way

You need:

  • two old unnecessary football or basketball balls;
  • drill;
  • sand or small stones;
  • universal glue or adhesive tape;
  • metal pipe or stalk from the shovel.


  1. In each of the balls with a drill, make a hole in the diameter corresponding to the diameter of the tube or cutting.
  2. Fill the balls with sand or small stones.
  3. In the holes, place the edges of the tube or cutting, which will play the role of the neck. Next, fix the joints with glue or tape.
  4. Homemade ball bar is ready!


To make weights at home is also quite realistic. Two options are described below.

Option One

This method will allow you to make hand weights or foot for women. You need to prepare:

  • durable cellophane bags or balloons;
  • a pair of well-stretched unwanted, but not torn socks (for example, not having a pair);
  • sand or plasticine;
  • needle and thread.


  1. First you need to form the inner parts of the weighting. To do this, fill the durable bags or balls with sand, tie and form a kind of sausage. You can make one long “stuffing” for each weighting agent, or two short ones.
  2. Place the inner part in the sock, cut off its excess parts, and sew the edges.
  3. The weighting agent is ready: due to the elasticity of the material from which the sock is made, it will stretch well and easily be put on the arm or even on the female leg.

Option Two

Leg weights are made from old jeans. You will need:

  • old and unnecessary jeans, preferably stretch and well stretched;
  • resealable packing bags or ordinary plastic, but tight bags;
  • sand;
  • scissors;
  • needle and thread.

Process description:

  1. Fill the bags with sand, tie them well. You should get a kind of elongated and not very voluminous pads of the same size.
  2. Measure the length of the sachets to determine the size of the weight case. Multiply the resulting figure by two, add two or three centimeters to it to allowances.
  3. Measure on the jeans legs the number obtained as a result of the calculations described in the previous paragraph. Cut the details.
  4. Fold the cut pieces of leg in half, put the bags in them. Sew the edges of the denim cover, or better stitch on the machine for reliability.
  5. To separate the individual weighting, you can make between them one by one line. Also at this stage, you can distribute the bags so that the devices are comfortable to put on and use. For example, you can leave free space between them.


Some tips:

  1. Adequate weight should be used to ensure a suitable load and not overstrain. To do this, during the manufacture of the projectile, take measurements to achieve the ideal mass.
  2. Choose extremely durable and reliable materials, as the quality of equipment directly affects safety during training.
  3. Take care of fixing all the elements of a sports projectile so that they do not accidentally fall off during class and do not injure you.

Now you can do your own weights and barbell and avoid the cost of sports equipment.

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