How to do massage with osteochondrosis

AtemymassageaPooling. With him starting to domassageand use in between other receptions. The palm tightly pressed to the skin, the thumb is set aside, and the rest are closed. Stroking should be soft and smooth, directed from the sides to the center.
Trituration. Stretching or slight displacement of tissues in different directions is done. The hand does not slide on the skin, but moves it behind itself.Atthis reception along the bloodstream intensively pounded section of the patient's joint.
Kneading. Is the main receptionmassageand with pain in the spine. He is given the most time. It is made as follows: - hands are put on the joint;
- the skin covering the joint, squeeze in the direction of the hands, which make kneading;
- the skin is caught between the fingers and squeezed;
- shift the skin in the direction of the thumb;
- give the skin to return to the place and press it to the joint with the base of the palm.
ChatteringThis technique combines rhythmic and very frequent light strokes with fingers and other parts of the hands of both hands.AtIn this case, the distance between the arms should be 2-4 cm. Making a log is done across the muscle fibers. Hands should be relaxed when tapping, and movements should be rhythmic and light.
Shaking. A variety of vibromassagea, in which they make rapid oscillatory and jerky movements, leading to the shaking of tissues. Usually used whenosteochondrosislarge joints. Make reception with one hand. Palm and fingers press on the joint and make rapid oscillatory movements to the side.
Motion. Massage based on movements specific to a particular joint. Movement contributes to improved joint mobility, improved blood flow and removal of decay products from articular bags. Massage in the form of movements combined with other, described above, techniques.

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