How to dress for a concert?

To have a nice weekend, you can go to a music concert. However, before attending the event, it is necessary to choose the right wardrobe. The dress should correspond to the theme of the event, and your style depends on the format of the concert.

�In this article we will give recommendations - what to go to the concert.

How to dress for a concert of classical music or jazz

Going to a concert, it is important to give preference to the classical style.

  • If you plan to go to a concert in the evening, then one of the clothing options is an elegant evening dress. For example, it will help out a classic black dress, which should be in the wardrobe of any girl.
  • If you are not a lover of dresses, then you can wear a blouse and a classic skirt.
  • Depending on the season, pick up shoes with heels - shoes or neat boots.
  • Complement the image with discreet jewelry and a small clutch bag. You should not wear jewelry.

What to wear to pop or pop concert

If the event does not imply a specific dress code, then you can wear any comfortable clothing.

  • If you go to a concert straight from work, then a great option for clothing is a casual dress or jeans with a shirt or light blouse.
  • Choose the right shoes - you can wear shoes or ankle boots with low heels, ballet flats or boots with thin soles.
  • In the cold season, grab a jacket or cardigan.
  • Complement the image with bright decorations, you can use jewelry.

Clothing for a concert in the style of hip-hop, rap and RnB

This type of concert involves the selection of informal clothing and accessories.

  • Wear a wide pipe-pants in combination with a colorful T-shirt and a robe.
  • Wear sneakers on your feet and do not forget about the baseball cap.
  • As for accessories, you can wear an unusual ring or earrings.

What can you wear to a rock concert

When choosing clothes for a concert, give preference to things of dark color - black, blue, gray.

  • You can wear leather pants or a cheeky pleated skirt.
  • Horseback can serve as a simple T-shirt or top.
  • If the concert is planned in the open air, then you can wear a jacket-leather jacket or a simple leather jacket.
  • As for shoes, you should choose sneakers or boots on the sole.
  • Do not forget to complement the image with appropriate accessories - a studded bracelet, rings with a skull image, etc.

Perhaps, to decide what to go to this or that concert, you can help our section What to wear on the occasion, which contains various articles on selected topics.

Having decided on the wardrobe, do not forget about the make-up and hairstyle.

  • So for a concert of classical music, simple styling or a bundle will do. Makeup should be neat and discreet.
  • If you are going to a pop concert, you can make a tail or an interesting braid. As for makeup, it should be a little brighter than the day.
  • For a rap concert, the hairstyle should be simple - tail or loose hair will do. Makeup can be made bright.
  • Rock concert implies a kind of carelessness and extravagance. You can comb your hair, paint your eyes with bright black shadows or a pencil.

Going to a concert, remember that clothes should not restrain movement, especially if you do not plan to sit still. Do not buy new shoes, because you can rub calluses.

And most importantly - do not forget about the mood! A smile is the best decoration for a girl in any case.

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