How to dress in the style of Sweet Lolita

Choose a dress in the style of Sweet Lolita. Best fit model without decollete with a wide skirt and sleeves-flashlights. Prefer light and delicate shades: pink, blue, mint green and white. Also suitable fabrics with small patterns: peas, flowers and the image of various fruits and sweets.
Make the dress more puppet by stitching a few frills to the hem. Note that the length of the dress should not fall below the knee. The dress can also be decorated with laces, a white turn-down collar or fun appliqué. Use a multi-layered petticoat to give the dress more volume.
Take care of your hairstyle. If you are a blonde with long hair, you simply braid your hair in braids or make high tails above the ears. For girls with short hair, as well as for brown-haired women and brunettes it is better to use wigs. For the Sweet Lolita style, synthetic hair of white, blue, pink and light green is quite suitable. Decorate your hair with bows, headbands and hairpins with the image of sweets.
Use special accessories.Light stockings, stockings or socks are extremely important for creating a gentle puppet image. Choose shoes with a round toe and low heels.
Complete the look with a cute hat or cap with flowers and ribbons. Buy a children's handbag or a small basket. In this style you can also often meet bags and backpacks in the form of soft toys. On a hot day, use a lace umbrella.

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