How to dress in winter in 2017

You will need
  • - a scarf;
  • - cap or hood;
  • - mittens or gloves;
  • - thermal underwear;
  • - warm shoes;
  • - sheepskin coat, fur coat, down jacket.
Do not forget to wear a hat. Even if it seems that it�s not cold at all and there is no wind, it�s better to protect yourself and put on a hat. After all, hypothermia of the head can lead to hearing loss, neuralgia of the facial nerves, as well as migraines. In addition, in the cold, the hair is supercooled, which threatens them with brittleness and loss. If you are opposed to caps, choose outerwear with a hood.
Close the throat from frost. To do this, be sure to warm the neck with a scarf or a warm scarf. The throat is very vulnerable to cold. By catching a cold, you can catch a serious illness and stay in bed more than one day. Think about the beauty of such effects. Try to choose scarves from natural fabrics - they keep warm longer.
Get a set of thermal underwear for especially severe frosts. Such clothes retain heat very well and help you not to sweat when entering a room.In addition, this laundry is very comfortable, it will not give you any inconvenience. Choosing thermal underwear, give preference to goods made of wool.
Protect your hands and feet from frost. Be sure to close your hands from the frost with warm gloves or mittens. Pay special attention to the choice of winter shoes, especially if you are often on the street. Try to choose shoes with thick soles, as you increase the distance from the foot to the frozen ground. Genuine leather shoes retain heat better, so do not spare money on quality shoes, because it�s better not to save on health.
Dress before going outside. Do not fasten on the porch and do not wear gloves while walking down the street. So things will save much less heat than if you put them on in a warm room. Think of your health in advance.

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