How to drill a tile

You will need
  • The drill of the necessary diameter, either usual, or on a tile, a drill, a hammer, a chisel or a tap.
The first method is professional and consists in using a special drill for tile. These drills happen two types: cylindrical with a diamond dusting and the tempered conical. Cylindrical drills are very inconvenient to use, since they are very difficult to center. Unlike the first, tapered drills do not have these disadvantages. Is it enough to instruct the drill? and the hole is ready. Just do not forget that the pressure on the drill in any case is not necessary. It is also impossible to use a punch in the work, otherwise the tile may simply split.
Tile drill
The second method is more simple. It will suit those who urgently needed a "hole" in the tile, but there are no suitable drills available. With the sharp end of the tap or the back of the file, it is necessary to chop the top layer of tile.To do this, we instruct the tool at hand at the right place, hit the mallet.

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