How to eat a lemon?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
April 18, 2013
How to eat a lemon?

Lemons, like all other fruits, have their own unique beneficial properties. They are able to cure the stomach, blood, skin and even rejuvenate the whole body for several years. We offer to learn more about how to eat a lemon, to get the maximum benefit from it.

The excellent healing and health properties of lemon are related to its composition: a large amount of vitamin C, P, B, pectins, salts of phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, as well as citric and malic acids.

Scientists are even inclined to say that by eating only one lemon a day you can forget about illnesses and ill health forever. In addition, this fruit is recognized as the most useful for maintaining immunity.

Ways to use

All people prefer to eat these fruits in different ways, but there are certain recipes and ways to make it healthy and tasty.

Lemon juice

Fresh, squeezed lemon juice can save you from heartburn. Citric acid contained in it breaks down in the stomach into alkaline components and thereby reduces the acidity of the stomach.In addition, this juice improves liver function and removes excess uric acid.


  • Lemon juice is best not to drink in its pure form, but diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. For taste, many add jam or honey - it absolutely does not impair its useful properties.
  • You should not take lemon juice for inflammation of the throat (sore throat, stomatitis) and for stomach ulcers.
  • Children to lemon juice should be taught gradually, first giving literally a couple of droplets and constantly increasing the dose.

Lemon, honey and nuts paste

Lemon (along with the peel) and hazelnuts (walnuts can) must be ground, adding honey and raisins to the resulting mixture. One spoon per day of this delicacy is many times more useful than any artificially created vitamins.

Lemon with peel

Lemon is very useful to eat right with the peel. It contains the most valuable essential lemon oil, which is a good antiseptic, as well as fiber. The rind is not particularly pleasant to the taste, as it has a strong bitterness, so it will not work much to eat.

Before use, the peel must be thoroughly washed and scalded, then scratched with a knife to get rid of the harmful substances that are processed by the fruit during long-term transportation.

Now you know how to eat a lemon correctly, and in what form it is better to use it.

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