How to effectively cleanse the body for weight loss at home

For this purpose, they use diets to cleanse the body and lose weight. The main rules, compliance with which will help unload the body:

  1. The use of pure water or mineral water from 1.5 to 2 liters.
  2. Adding to homemade food solid dietary fiber, fiber.
  3. Moderate salt intake. It is impossible to refuse completely from it, as it leads to water retention!

Rice diet body cleansing and weight loss

Based on the reviews, we can say that such food effectively solves the problem. But when parsing the details it should be noted that ordinary white rice has a high glycemic index (about 83 units). This value gives a lot: products with high GI produce a rapid release of glucose into the blood, which is necessarily reduced with the help of insulin protein. Moreover, the level of sugar decreases sharply, which provokes hunger.Insulin transports excess glucose either to needy organs or to fat depots. Thus, hunger is constantly felt on the rice diet and the likelihood of breakdowns increases.

A worthy alternative to the previous diet is unloading buckwheat. It has more useful properties, and GI is about 50-60 units. On the buckwheat diet, the body slowly “sucks” glucose into the blood, the level of which gradually increases. Saturation from one serving can be up to 4-5 hours.

Herbal ingredients

Flax seed for weight loss and cleansing the body is used along with diets. This is not surprising, because they contain useful omega-acids and selenium, copper, magnesium, and vitamins of group B. Seeds are used ground inwards 2 teaspoons per day, added to dishes, mixed with honey or yogurt. On their basis, decoctions are prepared, consumed in a mixture with the fruits of fennel and coriander.

As an adjuvant use herbal tea for cleansing and slimming different compositions. Herbs that eliminate slags are senna, buckthorn, chamomile, zoster, dill, yarrow. A mixture of chamomile, birch buds, immortelle sandy promotes the best cleansing.

Healthy Cocktails

Sassi water, ginger cocktail, special lemonade - these drinks for cleansing the body and losing weight will make fasting days tasty and healthy. Their components are aimed at fat burning and acceleration of metabolism.

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