How to eliminate the smell in a country toilet or septic tank

To eliminate the smell there are many tools. The vast majority of them work on the basis of bacteria. Special bacteria are launched into the cesspool or septic tank, which begin to multiply and absorb pathogens, neutralizing and disinfecting the environment and removing the specific smell. The disadvantage of this method is that bacteria are very capricious to the environment. They die when detergents and disinfectants get into the septic tank. And when it comes to a septic tank for a house in which people live permanently, this condition is very difficult to ensure.

In everyday life, we use soap, toothpaste, shampoo and other cleaning and detergents. Without this, nowhere. And these funds inevitably fall septic. Another disadvantage of using bacteria is that they work only at above zero temperature. That is, for example, in the middle lane at least six months, the use of bacteria is impossible.Thus, the problem is partially solved.

Not so long ago, amino acid-based odor elimination products appeared on the market. Negus temperature is not terrible for such a tool - it works even under ice, nor traces of detergents in drains - it simply neutralizes them (this allows the use of an amino acid-based agent along with bacteria). As a result of application all pathogenic microflora is suppressed, the smell disappears. The contents of the septic tank or cesspool is divided into two fractions - safe sludge and water. At the same time, if the septic tank or toilet does not have a concrete bottom and is installed not in a valley or on any surface except clay, the water goes to the ground, and a safe sludge remains. Pumping, of course, will have to be done, but since the contents of the septic tank or cesspool are significantly reduced in volume (the water goes away!), This will have to be done rarely, which means there is money saving.

Proper combination of means for septic tanks and cesspools allows solving the problem of eliminating a specific smell quickly and inexpensively.

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