How to erase the pen from the paper?

February 4, 2015
How to erase the pen from the paper?

There are such situations when it is necessary to delete an erroneous entry in a document or notebook. There are several ways that can help in this task.

How to erase pen from paper

  • Mix a spoonful of acetic acid with several potassium permanganate crystals. Dip the tip of a cotton swab into the resulting solution and apply to the desired place. To remove the resulting pink stain, you will need to wipe the sheet with hydrogen peroxide or put a white sheet of paper on top and iron it with an iron.
  • To remove the handle from a white sheet of paper, dilute the "Whiteness" in a small amount of water and also blot the problem area with a cotton swab dipped in a solution. If you want to remove a large amount of text, then plenty of moisten the problem area with the tool and wait for it to corrode the ink. To get rid of the remaining powder, wash the paper with water, and then dry it with an iron, before you place a clean napkin or paper.
  • Mix part of hydrochloric acid with part of salt and two parts of water. Apply the solution as described above. An alternative - a mixture of oxalic and citric acids with water in equal proportions.
  • Mix ethyl alcohol and glycerin in equal shares. Apply the mixture with a cotton pad.
  • Pour a mixture of salt and soda on an equal amount on the table and place the sheet with the written side down. Press glass on top of the sheet and drill a small hole above the correction point, then drip lemon juice to the next.
  • You can delete a record from paper using a blade or an eraser. In the first case, you need to carefully scratch the place of correction, then blow off the formed dust and wipe the place with your fingernail. In the second case, the place of correction should be slightly moistened, and then rubbed with an eraser.

Before trying any of the techniques, practice on draft entries.

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