How to fasten a baguette

You will need
  • - Clay;
  • - miter box;
  • - putty;
  • - a knife.
In order to hide the irregularities of the joints, the baguette is well suited for painting. It should be mounted before painting the walls or sticking wallpaper. Determine which interior corner in the room is most noticeable and begin to finish it with him.
Getting started, determine the cutting direction of the inner and outer corners. To do this, turn the channel bar upside down and place a baguette in it. Then place the barrels on the table with the baguette inserted and cut. However, for a beginner in such work, in order to avoid errors in determining the direction of the cut, it is better to use a large L-shaped body.
After the cut, put the baguettes in the corner to check the pairing. Do not worry if there are small gaps. If their size does not exceed one and a half millimeters, at the end of the work they may be filled. If the gaps are longer, trim them for better docking with a knife.
Choosing glue for baguettes, immediately refuse silicone sealants, since they can not be painted. Good glue "liquid nails", but only if the baguette is not white.Use polyurethane adhesive or putty. Stick the baguette without bending it in those places where a gap appeared between the ceiling and the wall because of irregularities. After painting and painting it will not be so noticeable.
When the glue grabs, and the baguette firmly settles in its place, apply a layer of putty that can shrink in places of cracks and joints. The second layer will close the places pronounced shrinkage. Moisten a fleytsovy brush and smooth it with a putty, passing baguette meter by meter.
After finishing with a fine-grained sandpaper, sand the joints. Before painting wipe baguettes, removing dust. Note that if the baguette is painted, then it should be mounted after painting the walls or gluing the wallpaper.

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