How to find out the connected services on MTS?

Almost everyone once observed an unpleasant phenomenon: money from a mobile phone account simply disappeared into nowhere. This happens with different operators, including MTS. But do not rush them to blame for theft. Usually the reason lies in the fact that completely unnecessary services (for example, jokes or weather information) were connected to the subscriber's number. To stop the aimless debiting of money from the account you need to check the list of connected services and remove unnecessary ones.

Most often, paid services appear in the subscriber’s phone without his knowledge. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically check the conditions of your tariff plan, monitor the status of your number through the operator or the official website, as well as carefully read all informational messages that the company sends.

How to view the list of services mts?

You can find the list of services connected to your phone in just a few minutes.To do this, dial * 152 # and the call button. In the menu that appears, you need to select the tab "Your paid services." After that, your number will receive a message with a list of connected services and their cost.

You can also get direct access to the connected services. To do this, type the command * 152 * 2 # and click "Call". You will go directly to the menu with paid services.

Another way to inform subscribers about the list of connected services is a special service “My Services”. To access it, send a message with the number 1 to the number 8111. In the reply message you will receive a detailed list of paid services connected to your number.

To learn about the free services that are connected to your phone, the text of the message to number 8111 is changed to zero.

All the above services are completely free, both for use in the home region, and throughout Russia.

Paid subscriptions

This is another service that can "eat" money from a personal account - a paid subscription to something. You can find out about their presence in several ways at once.

  • Dial * 152 # and the call button. You will get to the voice information menu, following the prompts of which, you can not only learn about the availability of paid subscriptions, but also independently disable them.
  • If you have access to the Internet, use the services of the site All you need to do is enter your personal information and view information about the services and services registered to your number. The site will have a special button that will remove all unwanted subscriptions.

As you can see, the sudden disappearance of funds from the account is not such a big problem, although this can bring certain difficulties. But thanks to the company MTS you can easily control everything that happens with your personal number and independently manage the services, services and subscriptions that are provided for the convenience of users.

If you have any questions or difficulties with the disconnection of services, services and subscriptions, be sure to contact the operator by using a toll-free telephone line or by the staff in the offices of your company.

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