How to find the floor space

You will need
  • - electronic range finder or ordinary tape measure;
  • - a pen;
  • - notebook.
In order to findareapremises, take an electronic range finder or a usual, but long roulette. Using the selected tool, measure the length and widthpremises. For accurate results, take two measurements from the beginning to the end of each wall. In the case when the results are different, take the arithmetic average value, that is, add both numbers and divide them by two. Write the results in a notebook.
If the room has a rectangular shape, without any niches or protrusions, then multiply the length and width between them. The resulting value will beareaYupremises, andarearectangularpremisescan be calculated by breaking it into several sections of rectangular shape and adding up their area.
If the room has ledges, columns, storerooms, sanitary structures, you need to subtract their dimensions from the measurement result. To do this, countareaeach of the protruding fragmentspremises, summarize them. Then from the squarepremisessubtract the summedareaprotrusions.
If the room has an even more complex shape, to find the area, break the most difficult areas into sectors of a circle and triangles. To calculate the area of ​​a sector of a circle, use the formula for the area of ​​a circle, and to calculate a triangular area, use the formula of Gerona.
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Measuring the length of the walls using an electronic rangefinder, make sure that its direction is strictly perpendicular to the wall, otherwise the measurement results will be greatly distorted.
Helpful advice
If you need to find the floor space in which the infrared film is to be laid for heating, proceed as follows: calculate the floor space of all furniture with low legs, that is, cabinets, beds, sofas, shelves, and subtract it from the total floor space.

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