How to fix astigmatism

You will need
  • Glasses, complex physiotherapeutic treatment, laser correction.
Consult an ophthalmologist if you understand that you do not see things well. Astigmatism is more often congenital (and even inherited), and sometimes acquired as a result of injuries, inflammation and operations on the eyes. Only a specialist with the help of special equipment and methods will make the correct diagnosis.
Together with your doctor, choose a correction method that is always individual, because for each person the cornea and lens have a different curvature of the spherical surface in different directions, as well as a different refractive ability. If degreeastigmatismand not more than 1.5 diopters without amblyopia (visual weakness), glasses are not prescribed. Otherwise, wear glasses or contact lenses as quickly as possible for continuous wear.
Be sure to visit an oculist. The doctor will control the process of vision change. It is he who will prompt in time whether the replacement of glasses or lenses with weaker or stronger ones is required. True, glasses and lenses only correct vision, andastigmatismDo not cure.
Systematically take courses of conservative treatment. These procedures stimulate the least active areas of the retina, train the visual muscles. For greater efficiency, treat in a comprehensive manner, combining a variety of physical, optical and functional methods. Such procedures can improve visual acuity and, most importantly, slow the progression of the disease.
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Astigmatism without spectacle and physiotherapy correction can cause strabismus and a sharp drop in vision, headaches and pain in the eyes. Regular observation with an ophthalmologist will help to cope with these problems.

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