How to get a passport in 14 years?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 10, 2012
How to get a passport in 14 years?

Here came the long-awaited moment when you turned 14 years old. Now, having received your first passport, you become a full citizen of the Russian Federation with the right to vote. This is an exciting moment in the life of every person and you need to prepare for it. How to get a passport at the age of 14, where to go, and what documents are needed for this, we will consider in this article. To begin, remember that applying for a passport is strictly necessary for 30 days from the date of your 14th birthday! Otherwise, you will have to pay a penalty for late submission of documents.

Here is a list of documents required for obtaining a passport for the first time:

  • Birth certificate;
  • 2 photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm (color or black and white);
  • Application (Form 1-P);
  • A document confirming Russian citizenship;
  • Receipt of payment of state duty for obtaining a passport (200 rubles for June 2012);
  • Housebook to confirm registration.

The documents confirming citizenship may include insert of the citizenship of the Russian Federation to the birth certificate, or a stamped mark on the birth certificate itself, confirming the citizenship of the Russian Federation, or the passport of the parent, in which the child was recorded in the column “Children”. Get these marks can be in the registry office. It is better to do this in advance, without waiting for the execution of 14 years.

With all these documents you need to contact the Federal Migration Service (FMS) at the place of residence (propiska). Or, more simply, in the “passport office”. There you fill in the form 1P - “Application for issuance (replacement) of a passport” and hand over all the necessary documents. You can fill out the application yourself according to the sample (they are usually hung out in the “passport desks” on the stands). And you can use the paid services for filling out forms. You hand over all the documents, and you are assigned a date for obtaining a passport. The deadline for receipt of about 10 days. And do not forget that you can get a passport at the age of 14 only in person and if you have a house book.

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