How to get out of a love triangle

Reason number 2: admiration and recognition

In everyday affairs, we forget: you need to constantly warm up your partner's self-esteem. Thank for the little things, admire the beauty, strength, actions. Do not flatter rough, namely admire! A man wants to hear that he is manly, a woman - that is seductive. There will always be someone on the side who will stroke our ego.

Reason number 3: lack of confidence

We always want to see a number of like-minded people with whom we can openly share feelings, secrets, problems. If there is no trust and frankness in the relationship, the understanding is sought on the side.

Only 3-5% of the relationship on the side ends in marriage. The rest of the love triangles are doomed. Most of them

Types of love triangles

One man - two women

Wivesearn neuroses and psychosomatic diseases. They either always suspect and play a sniffer, or worse, they suffer and pretend that they do not know. And the pain slowly corrodes the soul and body ...

Husbands- as on execution.They are torn between two fires, fearing choice and public censure. He is ashamed in front of his wife, that changes, and in front of his mistress - that does not pay attention.

Mistresseshardest of all. They spend precious time, youth, health, self-confidence, pride. Secretly, they are afraid of public comment, feel lonely and dream of children.

How to get out of a love triangle

One woman - two men

In such a triangle, the story usually always ends badly. Even in quite quiet husbands often blows down the roof, and the title of cuckold makes us arrange violence like in films.

Is the game worth the candle? Hardly this state of affairs rallies. Usually, the lovers cannot see each other afterwards, let alone continue the relationship. As they say, learned for life.

Who is guilty?

In betrayal partners usually blame each other. For example, women often enter a triangle to punish a husband. Instead of working through the problem. Cheating splashed offense, inattention, dislike.

Showdowns, scandals, or, conversely, evasion of the conversation leads to a further deterioration of the situation. Rarely, who is behaving correctly. But both are equally to blame.

What is the fault of his wife?

Trite: relaxed. Do not admire his man. No fresh emotions, including sex. Sex has become a debt. She wants to be appreciated only because she "gave birth to three children." And she does not care about her femininity.

What is the fault of her husband?

His indifference, inattention and rudeness killed the woman's sexuality and desire to please. A man loads a woman with life, children, duties. She turned into a housekeeper-nanny. In the evenings, he does not lift her mood with caress and attention. Exhausted, she falls and is cut off. And it's easier for him to find another outlet, than to work on relationships.

What is the fault mistress?

Each lover feeds herself with illusions of choice:

  • “His wife is a bitch and egoist”;
  • "We have special feelings, he will go to me";
  • "This is not for long, just a sexual adventure."

In fact, she has no idea what the relationship is in another's marriage. And never know. Yes, he throws out the negative at home, and he comes to her with an armful of roses and diamonds. But, taking such a man, a woman tries to build happiness on someone else's misfortune. The lock on the unstable foundation.

How to get out of a love triangle

Features triangle MZHM

As a rule, it is the husband who “sends” the wife into the hands of a lover with his indifference.

Cheating women:

  • less durable;
  • careful and prudent;
  • quiet, but "cordial".

If she is in love with another, then in 95% of cases she avoids sex with her husband. A woman betrays the heart and soul. For her, treason is a refuge. From a difficult relationship in marriage. But if you do not love, it is better to leave her husband.

Is forgiving treason?

Option number 1: disperse

It is important to talk, understand each other's motives - without nerves, insults and accusations. And disperse with the world. Especially if there are children. After all, you are their example. Acknowledge that this happens: "love has passed, tomatoes have dried up." This is life, this does not go away.

Many couples suffer for their children. They show with their “happiness” that scandals, indifference and hatred are the “family”. Dad walks, mom tolerates. Or vice versa. Sometimes it is better to break the relationship. Everyone has a chance to find in the future their love, happiness and harmony.

Option number 2: stay together

Only if there is mutual love. Not for the sake of a stamp, children, property or the opinions of others. You can still be happy: retire together, discuss a problem, correct mistakes. An important condition: treason should not happen again. Otherwise you will have to part forever.

Drop the habit of sharing your relationship with friends, family, or anyone else.Your decision should only be yours. And if you forgive, never think about treason!

Exit the love triangle

Women who have changed:

  • Take care of yourself: appearance, mood, femininity. The husband looks at you with different eyes. Just making a new haircut is not enough. Only an integrated approach to yourself as a woman will change the situation.
  • Fall in love with the husband again. Enough to see in him only the breadwinner and the father of children. Find in it what the other has discovered. Remember why you fell in love many years ago. Was there passion between you? Please his self-esteem, tell me how courageous he is. Ask for some little things and sincerely praise for the help. He must feel that he is a man.
  • Find a hobby. Pilates, dancing - it could be anything. It is important that a man see your interest in a new business. You will have a spark in your eyes, fresh topics for discussion, emotions. Let him know that you not only know how to cook borsch! By the way, new skills will come in handy if you later break up. Favorite hobby can turn into a decently paid job.

Men who got bored with marriage:

  • Try to look at your wife with different eyes. Show in practice how you respect and appreciate it. See in her a woman: please with pleasant trifles, return gradually romance into your life.
  • Take a trip or a vacation together. This will help resurrect the past feelings, diversify sex, breathe new emotions into old relationships. And in any case do not remember the past there. Course - to a new life!


  • Run without looking back. Stop paying youth and health for the rare hours of happiness. To be a lightning rod for someone else's relationships and wait, wait, wait ... Why waste your nerves on a love triangle, when you can find love with another man, have children at last?

How to get out of a love triangle?

  • Do not amuse yourself with the thought "it is not yet time." Assign it right now! And put a specific time favorite. Two weeks, a month - do not over tighten. Let it not look like an ultimatum. Otherwise, in the second half will play the spirit of controversy. We need a heart-to-heart talk, with a clear framework and a logical conclusion: “Forgive, tired”.
  • Do not meet. They said - as cut off. At this time, take care of yourself, clean the feathers, go to yoga.The main thing is a calm mental attitude in any case. No nerves, only Zen.
  • Take both scenarios. Even before you find out the result. Mentally lose parting and rapprochement. What will you do in both cases, what feelings do you have? Do not skimp on the fantasy - to the smallest detail! Then none of the outcomes will not snow on the head.

Most importantly, value yourself. Do not cling to a dead relationship. The universe always leaves a chance for happiness. And yours is also waiting somewhere!

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