How to get rid of aggression and irritability

The first thing to do in a stressful situation is to try to escape, dive into yourself, drop all thoughts and relax for about five minutes. Thoughts about the problem itself will immediately appear in the mind, but about its causes, and this is already the right way to solve.
If you take into account all the bad things happening around, you can just go crazy, not to mention the depressive mood and outbreaks of aggression. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly identify the factors affecting the psycho-emotional state, and try to minimize them. You should simply avoid any unpleasant meetings, conversations. In short, all that causes tension and anger.
The best cure for depression and aggression is a favorite activity. It can be anything: a walk in the evening city or a trip to the forest, listening to your favorite music in a relaxed atmosphere at home, etc.
Recently, a lot of sports halls have opened, many directions in sports allow you to choose something to your liking.In addition, scientists have proven that physical activity helps to quickly get rid of aggression. This is due to the need to throw out all the accumulated energy.
If you constantly feed yourself with any positive emotions and adhere to the methods described above, then this way of life will become a habit and no problem will be able to break and cause aggression.

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