How to get rid of bloating and gas in adults

Flatulence or bloating is an unpleasant process, in which, due to the incorrect work of the digestive system, gases accumulate in the intestine. Usually flatulence "goes by the hand" with unpleasant sensations, bloating and a significant increase in the volume of the abdomen. Therefore, I will tell you how to treat bloating and gas formation at home.

Without a doubt, everyone faced the problem of abdominal distention. Everyone knows thoroughly how much inconvenience this disease delivers. Excessive amount of gas accumulated in the intestine creates a feeling of full stomach, and the accompanying colic affects comfort.

Flatulence can occur in a healthy person, but in most cases it is a manifestation of more serious diseases of the digestive system. We will talk about this a little later.

  • Bowel fasting day. For this purpose, suitable boiled rice with herbal tea.While the intestine is resting, analyze the diet and make the appropriate amendments.
  • Diet. Meat lovers are encouraged to choose veal, chicken and turkey. Of the cereals in the first place is rice. It is better to refuse milk, falafel and humus for a while. In the dishes add herbs and spices that reduce gas formation - fennel, ginger, dill, cumin and cardamom.
  • Source of bloating. To understand what products caused flatulence, follow your own feelings. During the meal, carefully listen to the prompts of the body.

Practice shows to get rid of bloating help folk remedies and enzyme preparations. If there is a suspicion of bacteria or infection in the digestive system, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. We will discuss this in more detail below, but first I propose to consider the causes of the appearance of the disease.

Causes of bloating and gas

Flatulence - an unpleasant disease, often disturbing people. Usually this problem is easily treated and with the right approach goes forever. To prevent bloating at home you need to know the reasons for its occurrence.

Root causes in adults

  1. Penetration of excess air into the intestines during meals.
  2. Regular stress.
  3. Age-related weakening of the intestinal muscles.
  4. Incorrect food.
  5. Taking laxatives and antibiotics.
  6. Intolerance of some products.
  7. The use of artificial additives in food.
  8. Bad habits.

Often the cause of bloating and gas is a healthy diet full of fiber. The list of such products includes whole grains, peas, apples, beans, pears, beans, dates, cabbage, cucumbers. If the problem is constantly troubling, most likely it is caused by a certain disease and you will have to consult a doctor.

  • Dysbacteriosis. When flatulence accelerates the growth of pathogenic intestinal microflora, as a result, the processing of food goes beyond the norm. In the intestine the number of putrefactive processes leading to gas formation increases.
  • Tumors. With a tumor, the problem is local and forms at a certain point in the intestine. Intestinal permeability decreases, which leads to bloating.
  • Pathologies. Abdominal distention is often caused by circulatory problems, severe stresses or impaired motor function of the intestines.

Based on the above, we conclude that abdominal distention and gas, which brings discomfort and inconvenience, is not always the result of the use of products that increase gas generation. Often the disease causes more serious problems in the body. If you find these symptoms, be sure to visit the doctor and consult.

Treatment of bloating and gas formation

Abdominal distention is treated with restorative measures aimed at normalizing the work of digestion. Since high flatulence in the intestines leads to undesirable consequences, the treatment of bloating and gas should be started in a timely manner.

People struggle with flatulence on their own, using pharmaceutical medicines and medicinal plants that restore the intestinal microflora. Often, to achieve a positive result is enough to change the approach to nutrition.

The second part of the material is devoted to the fight against bloating with traditional and medical means. The fastest effect is achieved by a combined approach, providing a combination of medicines with traditional medicine recipes.

Folk remedies against flatulence in adults

Self-control meteorism is safe and effective. It is only necessary to remember that folk remedies are suitable for bloating and gas when there are no diseases of the digestive system. Otherwise, the problem will have to be solved with the involvement of a doctor.

  1. Pharmacy Chamomile.To prepare the drug, pour a spoonful of dried flowers with a glass of boiling water and boil for a minute and a half. Composition insist and filter. Take before the meal two spoons.
  2. "Dill water". Two tablespoons of the seeds of dill thoroughly chop and pour two cups of boiling water. After half an hour, strain the infusion and consume half an hour every hour during the day.
  3. . In a container with 400 ml of boiling water, add four spoons of crushed cumin seeds, hold under the lid for at least two hours, filter and use 75 ml twice per hour.
  4. Herbal Infusion. Ideal for dealing with flatulence after surgery. Two parts of strawberry leaves are combined with two parts of oregano, the same amount of thyme and three parts of blackberry leaves. Two spoons of the resulting raw material pour two cups of hot water, wait a third of an hour, filter and drink half a cup before a meal.
  5. . Tear up fresh mint leaves with your hands, mash a little, put in a teapot and pour over water. When tea leaves infuse, make tea. To improve the taste of the drink, use a lemon.
  6. Sagebrush. Wormwood with leaves and seeds is thoroughly crushed, grind, put in a suitable container and pour boiling water. After six hours, drain the fluid and drink a few sips on an empty stomach. The bitterness of the drink will soften the honey.
  7. Charcoal. In a brazier to set fire to a log of poplar and burn so that the flame gradually charred it. Pound the coal, and combine the resulting powder with dill seeds 1 to 1. Take a teaspoonful with squeezed water with boiled water.
  8. Potatoes. Two medium potatoes to rub, put on a gauze and squeeze the juice. Drink juice before meals once a day. Juicer will facilitate the task of preparing this medicine.

If there is no possibility to cook such traditional recipes, you can use parsley, dill and green tea against flatulence. Fresh greens perfectly suppress the gases formed, and green tea normalizes the bowels.

Medical supplies

When abdominal distention appears, the thought of pills and various pharmaceutical preparations immediately comes to mind.In this part of the article I will discuss medical devices that reduce the pressure of gases and eliminate bloating.

I will consider only popular and publicly available options.

  • Espumizan. The drug is sold in the form of an emulsion and capsules. Accelerates the removal of gases. The product is suitable even for children.
  • Lineks. Linex is not a gas-oriented medicine, so it is taken as a course. The drug improves intestinal function.
  • Smecta. The powder quickly calms the bloating and gases. Suitable for people of any age and absolutely safe.
  • Mezim Forte.This wonderful tool should look at people who like fatty foods. It improves digestion and prevents the formation of gases.
  • Hilak forte. Drops are recommended to be used as an accompanying agent in the treatment of flatulence with basic preparations.

We reviewed the most popular drugs that are ideal for home use against bloating.

Useful tips and tricks

Finally, I will share a few recommendations that will help prevent flatulence and reduce the number of relapses.

  1. Increase the number of meals and reduce portions. As a result, the digestive system will be easier to cope with the work. Ideally, there should be about 5 meals a day. In doing so, eat slowly, thoroughly chewing food.
  2. Give up gum, candy and drink through a tube. This contributes to the ingestion of large amounts of air, which causes bloating.
  3. Meal is not friendly with haste, feelings and anger. There is a need in a relaxed atmosphere. Remember, eating with stress - a direct path to various diseases.
  4. Check dentures regularly. If they are loose, during the meal a lot of air enters the digestive system.
  5. Stop smoking. Smoking contributes to the entry of excess air into the body.
  6. Physical activity. Activity during the day helps the digestive tract to get rid of gases.

Video from the program "About the most important thing" about bloating

Dear friends, it's time to finish the material on combating bloating and gas at home. I hope the information received will help make your life more comfortable.

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