How to get rid of cellulite at home

Just a little bit, and you can wear short shorts. Only one thing can prevent it - cellulite. He, we hasten to reassure, almost everyone has. What to do to the skin was smooth and did not resemble an orange peel? Spoiler: it will not work out easily, you really have to pull yourself together.

What does not work

Unfortunately, the promises of beauty brands that their funds will get rid of the hated bumps are a lie. They can increase the elasticity of the skin and make it more elastic. But not more. And although this, of course, will also not be superfluous, you should not rely on cosmetics when dealing with cellulite. Anti-cellulite oils and creams should only be used as ancillary products - for moisturizing and additional warming up, for example, before a massage.

More movement and sport

Anyway, the best cure for cellulite is more movement and sport. To begin with, teach yourself to walk to the maximum, rather than using public transport or a car, and climb the stairs, and not take the elevator.It seems a trifle, but it is already good for improving blood circulation.

About the sport, everything is clear. Believe me, the main thing is to start, and after a couple of weeks you will enjoy the workouts and look forward to going to the gym. Since cellulite is most pronounced on hips and buttocks, pay special attention to them. If you are tired of video fitons, we recommend training for legs and priests from handsome Tony Horton (see below). An hour of super-workings under his witty jokes - and in a couple of months the priest will be like a nut. And without cellulite.

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First, drink more water. Not tea, juice or soda, but plain water. It helps to eliminate toxins and wastes from the body. Thanks will tell not only the problem areas with cellulite, but also the skin and the body as a whole.

We all know how harmful sweet, salty, fatty, fried, but continue to eat. The bad news is: do not give up fast food and other junk food - do not get rid of cellulite at all desire.


You can do both in the cabin and at home. First you need to treat problem areas with a scrub and massage with a stiff brush - this will improve blood circulation.After applying the selected agent on the skin and wrap it with a film - tight enough, but not too tight. Wrap yourself in a blanket and wait 30–40 minutes. If the skin starts to burn much, finish the procedure faster. To carry out such simple manipulations is enough once a week.

When choosing products for home wrapping, we advise to dwell on those with coffee or red pepper in the composition. Coffee improves blood circulation and breaks down fats. Red pepper (be careful with it: do not use products with this component if you have sensitive skin) has a strong warming effect, improves blood circulation and removes toxins.

Anti-cellulite modeling gel for body shaping, NewLine Professional

Anti-cellulite modeling gel for body shaping, NewLine Professional (800 rub.)

Stiff Cellulite Brush, Huilargan

Stiff Cellulite Brush, Huilargan (890 rub.)

Vacuum massage

It goes great right after wrapping, but without it will also be useful. Lesson is unpleasant, painful, but very effective. To do this, buy in a pharmacy vacuum silicone cans and any oil - anti-cellulite (but without a warming effect: the massage itself is very aggressive, so additional skin stress is not needed) or just for a massage.Movement banks, "sucked" to the body, should be done as follows: from the bottom up on the thighs and calves, from the center on the buttocks and lower back. Important: in no case do not process the inner sides of the thigh and the groin area - there is a large accumulation of nerve endings, and therefore the risk of damage is high.

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