How to get rid of lice and nits

How to get rid of lice at home?

How to get rid of lice and nits at home?

Most of us have a life at least once in a situation where we asked ourselves the question: how can we get rid of lice and nits on our own. The high incidence of lice infestation and high contagiousness gives us a reason to constantly take care of our hygiene. In the vast majority of cases, nits and lice cause people to encounter just at a young age, just when childish rash misconduct leads to the appearance of lice.


Getting rid of nits and lice at home



In the proposed article we will talk about the symptoms that accompany lice infestation, list several methods, how you can easily detect lice and nits, completely new methods of effectively combating them, as well as the right preventive options. You need to start with a detailed and careful study of your rival in order to be aware of how to successfully defend yourself from him and how to defeat him.After all, knowing the weaknesses of lice, you will relatively easily cope with the problem yourself in the conditions of the house, and this is easier than how to get rid of worms.


How to get rid of lice

How to get rid of kerosene lice?

For a more harmonious sound of the problem, we will say not only “how to get rid of lice and nits.” Another suggested phrase: "how to treat head lice." This disease, as the skin and hair is called pediculosis. This word comes from the Latin name for head lice. So, these lice, as a rule, can be 3 types - head, clothes or pubic. In the proposed article will be considered the most common - the head.



It is quite possible to get rid of lice at home if you have detected a disease in time and started taking all available and necessary measures and immediately try to prevent its spread. Symptoms of pediculosis:


The first thing that will bother and catch the eye of loved ones - itching. Since lice are real parasites that feed on lymph and blood, they will bite the skin on your head with your jaws and suck the blood out. All this can often be accompanied by a very strong burning sensation on the skin, as well as a constant desire to scratch this area of ​​the head.If you suddenly notice that your own child or your other relatives are actively scratching your head, then you need to let him read how to get rid of nits and lice, perhaps, he has pediculosis.



To confirm or refute your suspicions, you must carefully examine the head. The main attention is paid to the temporal regions and BTE zones. This is a favorite place of residence of lice with nits, so the chances of finding these symptoms here will greatly increase. In these areas will be visible reddening of the skin. These can be large spots or small points. They are caused by numerous bites, and the article how to clean the intestine here will not help you. The spots are often gray in color and even with a bluish tint.



Red spots can merge with places of scratching, which patients do by their own hands. Active nails can lead to significant damage to the skin, with the result that then pustular lesions may appear. This also indicates the possible presence of lice on someone's head. However, a decisive diagnosis can only be made in direct contact with parasites, which we will discuss below.


If you carefully study the head, try to find a louse at any stage of development.But, if you already know well how to get rid of lice at home, then you will be aware of 3 stages of lice development, which all together take about 30 days. The first stage - nit - a small dark-colored testicle, attached to the hair not far from the root. Then the stage of the larva, ending with the transformation into a mature louse.


The larva and mature specimen are difficult to distinguish, but just the nits are very easy to notice. During the day, one female louse can lay about 15 pieces of testicles, so that a sick person will have many nits on her head. Hair must be viewed in strands in the already described areas of the head and try to find nits. When they are found, it is time to approach the question directly, how can you very quickly get rid of nits and lice at home.


Several popular ways to get rid of lice and nits:



All doctors negatively refer to the so-called folk remedies for the treatment of lice, indicate the danger of such methods, and add that there are modern drugs. It is also said that an incorrect concentration of a toxic substance will affect your peaceful sleep.This is all true, there is no sense in exposing your own organism to the danger of poisoning, but you also shouldn’t have a slander about proven folk methods of killing nits, because for many hundreds of years it has proven its effectiveness. Tell you about the two most popular methods.



The cheapest method that is known to almost everyone is the use of kerosene and sunflower oil. This killer mixture is prepared as follows. In equal proportions, kerosene and sunflower oil are taken, mixed well and applied to the head of the poor creature. Then, wearing a plastic bag in 3-4 layers, is wrapped tightly around the hair zone of the head. All this lasts about 20 minutes, then the solution is washed off and with the help of a fine comb the louses and nits are combed out.


By the way, there is no way to understand how to still get rid of lice and nits in the home, without having a special comb for combing nits and lice. It is always sold in pharmacies or it can be supplied together with a remedy against lice. After all, not all of this kind of means can act on nits, but if they act, then already dead nits must be combed out.Therefore, not only handling, but without combing out.


Another popular method that can help you with a problem and get rid of nits and lice. We are now talking about a mixture of kerosene, water, and Dustov soap. A small amount of kerosene is poured into the container, a similar amount of dust soap is crushed into it, all this is mixed and water is added. Water should be about one seventh. Also applied to the head, wound, hold and comb out, as already described above. It is only necessary to realize that this can be harmful for the hair and for the organism as a whole. So, if you want to destroy the lice on the head of your child, you should immediately go to the pharmacy and get a safe, inexpensive and effective remedy for lice.


And the choice of such funds is quite wide. This and Nitifor, and Lauri, and Pedilin and some others. If you are embarrassed, then visit a pharmacy in another area, and get what a pharmacist or a pharmacist will recommend. After all, he can tell you that there are such tools that will help get rid of lice on their own at home, just blocking the parasites of their respiratory tract.These funds are made on the basis of various vegetable oils, not only not harming your skin and hair, but, on the contrary, strengthening and protecting them. It can not be compared with kerosene.


And now, you already know how to get rid of lice in a short time, and what method to choose is better. However, the most correct solution is, of course, not treatment, but banal prophylaxis. Namely, use only your own hygienic means, do not change combs, towels or garments with other people, try to avoid contact with untidy people, at the very first known signs of lice, go to the pharmacy for the appropriate medicine.

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