How to get rid of pests on the site

You will need
  • - chemical or biological product;
  • - gloves;
  • - mask;
  • - sprayer.
The easiest way as the awakening of harmful bugs and caterpillars, you need to collect them manually and destroy. But this method is effective if you have only a few trees and a few small vegetable beds. And if a large garden and a garden of 10 acres? There are two options - to use plant and chemical preparations for protection. There is no consensus on organic protective measures among gardeners. Some consider them effective, but most prefer to act for sure - "chemistry."
Chemicals - pesticides aimed at the destruction of pests, have their pros and cons. They act quickly, eliminate pests effectively. In the case of mass destruction of plants at the site by various types of pests, pesticides are perhaps the only way to escape.But you need to use them correctly. Chemicals decompose completely in up to three weeks. That is, it is just such a period that your plants need to “come to their senses” and get rid of the effects of chemistry. This means that the treatment of plants should be carried out either in early spring before leafing, or in late autumn after harvesting.
To get rid of pests on the site the first spring treatment is carried out comprehensively. Berry bushes “wake up” earlier than other plants. Therefore, with them, and start. Carefully study the branches. Dry, as if burnt branches signal the presence of a bud moth on the bushes. The blackened hollow cores of the branches indicate the presence of narrow white goldfish or glass case. All bushes are treated with one of the selected drugs. This is done necessarily with gloves and a mask, a special spray.
After the bushes comes the turn of the trees. They are treated twice. Before blooming, the buds are sprayed with a preparation against leafworms, leaf beetles, haws, moth caterpillars, aphids, and silkworm. 3 days before flowering, when the flower buds are already swollen, they are treated for weevils, sawflies and the apple-flowering beetle.
For garden crops there is no need to use such strong preparations. In addition, on the seedlings pests do not settle often, and adult fruiting plants can not be processed. Therefore, in the garden it is better to use biological products "Aktophyt", "Barrier", "Fitoverm". They are also "chemistry", but synthesized on soil organisms. It is very effective in terms of the prevention of pests on vegetable crops Bordeaux liquid and copper sulfate.
Pesticides are of different actions, depending on the method of penetration into the body of pests:
- intestinal - penetrate through the intestines and mouth organs;
- fumigatous - infect pests through the respiratory tract;
- contact - penetrate the skin;
- systemic - get into the plant tissue and infect pests that feed on these tissues.
Helpful advice
If in the garden and in the garden last year, moths, sawflies, bud mites were observed, a second treatment may be required. It should be carried out immediately after flowering with the preparations “Decis”, “Neoron”, “Marshal”. These are aggressive drugs and only they can destroy malicious pests.

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