How to get rid of scratches on glasses?

Currently, glasses are not only a means to improve vision and protect it from exposure to the sun and computers, but also a fashion accessory. Therefore, each person has not a single pair of glasses. But our modern lifestyle, which involves constant haste, sometimes leads to the fact that this accessory is stored without a cover. Such inaccurate handling of glasses can cause scratches that disrupt the aesthetic appearance of the product, distort the image and can even impair vision. How to remove this defect from the glasses?


Of course, you can contact the optics, where a specialist will remove this damage, but it will not be free. You can get rid of scratches on the lenses of glasses at home.

The first thing to do is to clean the surface of the lens from contamination using a special cloth for glasses or LCD monitors. And the scratches themselves, if the glasses are plastic, can be removed using the following folk remedies:

1. Toothpaste.Small defects on the lenses can be eliminated with the help of toothpaste without abrasive particles. For this perfect children's toothpaste. It should be rubbed into the surface of the lens in a circular motion, using a cosmetic sponge or soft felt. Then the paste must be washed off with cold water or wiped with a wet cotton swab. If the desired effect was not achieved from the first time, then all the actions should be repeated several more times.

2. Baking soda.If there are no children in your home, it is not necessary to buy baby toothpaste specifically to get rid of the scratch on the glasses. To do this, you can use the product that is in the kitchen of any hostess. It's about baking soda. First of all, you need to add a small amount of water to the soda to obtain a mushy consistency. Then the mixture must be applied to weave or sponge and gently rub into the lens. After that, the remains of soda can be washed off with soapy water.

3. Wax for polishing cars. In case the scratch is too deep, it can be filled with wax to polish the cars. Use it strictly according to the instructions.If the defect could not be removed from the first time, you can repeat this procedure in a week. After the scratch is removed, the lens surface should be wiped with a cloth moistened with alcohol.

4. Polish for silver and copper.To eliminate the deep defect on glasses, you can use an inexpensive polish for copper and silver. It can be bought in jewelry or antique stores. It works like a car polish. After applying this tool with a thin layer on the lens, it should be carefully rubbed with velvet fabric. An important rule - be very careful, as the polish can ruin the frame.

5. Pasta GOI.There is a special paste to remove scratches. It is made from a mixture of fine chromium oxide and fatty components. The main purpose of this paste is the polishing of optical glass. She will surely cope with the scratch on the glasses. Only they should be specially prepared. Ideally, you need to pull the lenses out of the rim and only then get to work. Apply the paste on a piece of felt fabric. Put a lens on it with a scratch down. Then rotate it over the cloth, rubbing the paste into it.

How to remove deep scratches?

If the lenses of sunglasses or accessories for working at a computer have become dimmed or have deep scratches on them, then you should take a more serious approach to eliminating these defects. To do this, you need to remove the entire surface layer of the lens. This can be done with an abrasive agent with hydrofluoric acid. It can be found in stores where handicraft kits and art goods are sold.

The lens should be prepared. It must be cleaned and rubbed with alcohol. To work with hydrofluoric acid it is necessary to proceed with caution. Be sure to wear gloves and a bandage on your face to protect your respiratory tract. For convenience, the lens should be pulled out of the frame. Then it is necessary to apply hydrofluoric acid in an even layer with a cotton pad, leaving it for 2-3 minutes. Remove this product with a cotton pad and wash the lens with cold water. Then rub it with a napkin for glasses.

Important point - this method of scratch removal is suitable only for plastic lenses. It can be used only once. Otherwise, the glasses will quickly deteriorate and will be unusable.

Keep your glasses in the case, and then you do not have to remove scratches.However, if they did appear, now you know what to do about it.

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