How to get rid of the internal pimple

You will need
  • - fine salt;
  • - cosmetic wheels;
  • - white cosmetic clay;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - tincture of calendula.
To cope with this problem, it is necessary to find out the root cause of internal acne. Ordinary cosmetics will only help to eliminate the external signs of the manifestation of the disease, but the disease will recur, as a result, it can lead to serious complications. The main causes of internal acne are: blockage of the sebaceous glands, impaired sebum secretion, improper metabolism, problems in the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine disorders, hyperkeratinization. The course of treatment will be ineffective without addressing the root cause.
The most correct decision is to go to a doctor. A specialist will prescribe a complete examination of your body to determine the causes of this disease. You will be surprised, but internal acne is afraid of oxygen.Therefore, furunculosis in modern therapy is treated with the help of ozone therapy. Ozone has the ability to resist microbes, relieves swelling, pain and redness of the skin, restores collagen and elastin production, after the procedure there are no scars. After oxygen injections, the internal pimple begins to mature.
In cosmetology clinics, a completely new Elos-technology is used, which with the help of pulses of blue light acts on subcutaneous inflammations. As a result, the enlarged pores narrow, seals disappear, spots and scars on the skin, cell renewal occurs. The procedure leaves no irritation, peeling, dryness, irritation.
If you do not have the opportunity to go to the clinic for the treatment of internal acne, you can use folk remedies. Dissolve two tablespoons of fine salt in a glass of hot water. Stir the solution and bring it to a boil. Dampen a cosmetic disk in warm salty water and attach it to the problem area, hold for five minutes. Do such a compress every day until the pimple begins to mature.
Mix three teaspoons of white clay with a teaspoon of lemon juice, add thirty milliliters of calendula tincture. Mix the ingredients well and apply to a pimple, hold for fifteen minutes. Then wash with water at room temperature. Such an anti-inflammatory mask of natural ingredients in time will save you from the immediate problem of internal acne.

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