How to get rid of unexpected guests in our house - bedbugs

What are the bugs? These are insects that do not have wings, feed on human blood. They live quite a long time, but reproduce fairly quickly. Bedbugs can be carriers of very terrible diseases, so if they settled in your home, then they must be destroyed immediately. If you do not want to spend your precious time on this occupation and you want to entrust it to a professional, then we advise you to contact DEZBOX. Employees of this company will help get rid of bedbugs in the shortest possible time and with minimal cost.

It is possible to get rid of bugs by physical, mechanical and chemical methods.

Only the chemical method will guarantee the destruction of bugs and their larvae at 100%. It will be very difficult to do this on your own, nevertheless, you can try. You will have to carry out the procedure more than once, cleaning not only the bed (the most frequent location), but also the upholstery of sofas, armchairs, beds, full furniture perimeter, door jambs, batteries, carpets, paintings and so on.

Destroy bedbugs can be special drugs. Their concentrates are diluted and processed along the entire perimeter of the room, special attention should be paid to the source of their formation and the place of the greatest accumulation.

You can buy a remedy for bedbugs at any specialty store, the preference is better to give those funds that include karbofos. Before using, you should always read the instructions.

Of the aerosol market provides such drugs: Raid, Raptor, Perfos-P, Carbozol. Liquid funds are produced by such firms as: GET, Formate, Foxy,, Lacterin, Insect. Powders are of two types: Neopin and Riapan.

If you are in doubt or afraid, it is better to seek the help of specialists. Apart from the fact that they have experience in working with certain skills, they also possess means that are not commercially available, but are available only to legal entities. If you come across this for the first time and do not know where to turn, Sanepidstan will always come to the rescue. If you do decide to act independently, do not forget about your own protection as a protective suit and mask, gloves.

Fans of folk recipes can find different methods of dealing with bedbugs, but they are not effective, and besides the strong smell, headaches and time spent will not give anything.

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